Donald Trump Sapphire

Vip Art Ltd Releases a Portrait of

Donald Trump, Carved on a Sapphire

Vip Art Ltd, a British jewelry company, is known for their extraordinary portraits of George H. W. Bush and Vladimir Putin, carved on gemstones. Today they released a portrait of Donald Trump, carved on a dark blue sapphire.  

Vip Art Ltd uses a unique technology that allows carving 3D images on gemstones of any hardness, including diamonds. This technique was developed by Viktor Petrik, one of the most remarkable scientists and inventors of our time. He is noted for four scientific discoveries, in addition to his work as an artist, sculptor, and professional psychologist. Victor Petrik presented his newest piece – a portrait of the US President-elect – on Thursday in London. This stunning portrait of Donald Trump is carved on a dark blue sapphire weighing 698 grams.

Dark blue sapphire, gemstone carving, faceted, weight 698 gr. (PRNewsFoto/Vip Art Ltd)

When speaking with Donald Trump, the master artist stated: “I try to convey the similarity with nature, not by copying external features, but identifying and reflecting basic psychological characteristics of the person. During the design process, the more Donald Trump’s personality became revealed, the more in love I became with this man. Of course, he sees a world further and deeper, of greater value than most people.

In December 2004, George H. W. Bush received his own portrait on sapphire created by Vip Art Ltd.

Viktor Petrik presents a portrait to George. W. Bush. (PRNewsFoto/Vip Art Ltd)

Those wishing to preserve their image – or the image of their loved ones – for the next millennia, must be prepared to pay between 2.5 and 5 million dollars. However, simply possessing this amount of money in a bank account does not guarantee the possibility of acquiring the portrait. According to Vip Art Ltd, “Unfortunately, in many cases we will have to refuse a potential customer. We carry only the portraits of great men whose lives have impacted world culture and history.” It is not enough to merely be a wealthy man. Potential clients must be on par with men like Prince Albert, Pope Francis, President George W. H. Bush, and King Hussein of Jordan. A few dignitaries from the Middle East and China have become clients this year. Those names have not been revealed.

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