Artist Spotlight: Sheryl Heading


By Marc Alexander

Detroit native Sheryl Heading is a multi-media artist with almost fifty years of history in the creative professions. Since the age of eight , she has melded her calligraphy, jewelry making and graphic design skills into a life of art and learning.

“I have always loved art and designing,” she said. ” I use to love to get colorful wire from the telephone man when I was a kid, and I used it to create rings and bracelets by twisting it and adding beads.  You could say I am self taught.”

Multimedia artist Sheryl Heading

Sheryl was recognized for her work in 2007 when she won the Detroit Distinction in Design Award from Macy’s Somerset. Five years later, she incorporated under the title of Heading LLC.  Sheryl’s art is informed by many things and she draws inspiration from many people and sources – including one that hits extremely close to home. “There are so many artists that are amazing and serve as an inspiration.  My husband Henry is an artist,  and his sister Sandra Heading of Los Angeles is an extraordinary artist. It is always inspiring to see what other artists do. It’s like watching them give birth and then there is a celebration over what they have created!” she said.


Sheryl’s jewelry is, of course, colorful and has a decidedly Afrocentric flair to it.  She uses materials such as onyx; precious stones, hematite and all of her designs are unique and would definitely inspire conversations for any patron.  Sheryl continues her artistic journey buoyed by a community that offers her support and positive feedback. I participate in art shows when I can as well as support other artist which is very important. We must inspire and encourage each other – and not just in the world of art.”

Calligraphy samples by artist and designer Sheryl Heading

Shery’ls future looks as bright and intriguing as her wonderful backstory. The disciplines she thrives in afford her continued avenues for success with enthusiastic patrons from all across the country. “I look forward to having a creative impact in a variety of ways. Through designing jewelry and accessories like  kente cloth patterned ribbons to honor African American breast cancer survivors,  I hope to continue using my art to positively impact the lives of others.”
For more information about Sheryl Heading and to view her complete catalog, please visit:  SherylHeadingDesigns
 Marc Alexander is a Los Angeles-based writer, photographer and purveyor of urban culture.
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