By Hannah McGee and Kristen Ewing

It’s summertime and the lovin’ is easy! Yes, we meant to say “lovin’,” because with longer days and lighter clothes, this is an amazing time of year to idle away with your significant other. We’ve got some sexy ideas to heat up your summer nights in August, but check out these  fun, creative ideas for how you and your honey can spend your sultry summer days!

  1. Get thrifty! Summer Saturdays are perfect for visiting a yard sale or thrift shop together. You can make a game of it with a little friendly competition to see who can find the best deal, the coolest item, the weirdest or whatever!
  1. Get cultured! Whether fine or contemporary art is your thing, spending a rainy summer day at a local museum can be both entertaining and educational. Imagine exploring other worlds, ancient civilizations or whatever your collective hearts may desire together? Museum dates can be even better than movie dates. After all, you get to talk the WHOLE time!
  1. Get festive! Do funnel cake, face paint and rickety roller coasters sound like fun? If so, visiting a county fair or a traveling festival will be right up your alley. Hit the fairgrounds and get ready for some super-fun Instagram-worthy moments to share!
  1. Watch the traffic! Have you ever gone to a coffee shop, sat side-by-side near the window or on the sidewalk and just watched the traffic or people walking by? We already know that coffee dates can be great – especially in the early stages of getting to know someone. But even folks who’ve been coupled up for a while can enjoy relaxing and people-watching over a mocha or latte together.
  1. Hit the road! No matter where you live, almost everyone can find something cool and interesting within a 100-mile radius from your home. Take a day trip – essentially a road trip without the devotion of longer than a day – and take in some new sights that you wouldn’t normally get to see.
  1. Put your pedal to the metal! Nothing says “I love you” like burning off some calories together. From paddle boats to bicycles built for two, biking around a downtown or beach area, or paddling around a local lake can be a relaxing and healthy way to spend a day.
  1. Have S’more fun! Who says building a bonfire, roasting marshmallows and making S’mores is just for kids? Throw in a couple cocktails and a little imagination, then sit back and watch where your ghost stories may take you. Just remember that you are actually an adult, so don’t get too carried away! (Drink responsibly)
  1. Become a basket case! When’s the last time you actually broke out the old picnic basket and spent a relaxing afternoon with your sweetie? If you can’t find a beach nearby, a local park can be a perfect setting for you to spread out for some face time. Remember: picnics work best when you are both unplugged, so leave the cell phones and other devices off and focus on what’s most important…each other.
  1. Child’s play! Show your baby who’s the boss with a little board game action. From Monopoly to Candy Land, a little back-in-the-day fun can be a great way to bond and blow off steam. For a truly fun and sexy experience, try getting tangled up in a little grown up Twister!
  1. Have some taste! Enjoying a day of tasting at a local brewery or winery is a terrific summer date idea. Whether you’re just getting together or if you’re looking for new activities to keep your spark of romance alive, a day of tasting is a great way to expand your knowledge of wine and beer, and enjoy some of your old favorites all at the same time. But remember to do it the right way: have plenty to eat, take your time and be sure to drink responsibly.

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