April is National Stress Awareness Month and a free stress relief 5-day audio course is available online at VibrantLifestyleAcademy.comfor immediate access. This course was developed using a holistic approach and it can help anyone who wants to learn how to live with less stress in their lives.

Statistics show that over 40% of adults suffer from adverse health effects from stress and that over 70% of doctor visits are for some sort of stress-related condition or complaint. While many people would like to greatly reduce or relieve stress in their lives, they may not know how or they might not be able to obtain professional help.

Roslyn Yee, a certified holistic wellness and lifestyle coach and founder of, said, “Stress can be detrimental to our emotional, mental and physical health and the percentage of illnesses caused by stress is high. This free course is a way of contributing a solution to this problem so that people can live healthier and more vibrant lives.”

The course can be accessed on the website by signing up with a name and email address. The registrant will then be emailed a link to where they can listen to a brief audio file and also download a lesson worksheet on each of the five days of the course.

Tina M. Games took the course and said, “Many thanks Roslyn for your powerful and enlightening audio course! The questions you ask and the guidance you give really get to the root of the stress in our lives. I found your worksheets quite helpful in accessing the stress in my own life and for creating an action plan to relieve it. You’ve helped shift my thoughts from the problem to the solution in a simple, yet precise way. The audio segments are brief and to the point which make the course easy to fit into any type of schedule.”

For more information or to access this free Holistic Stress Relief 5-Day Audio Course, visit

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