By Marc Alexander

I ran across the Nomadnesstribe movement on the booty model and “My current situation” landscape of Instagram. The account stood out because (1) the sisters had their clothes on and (2) None of the pictures were in the States. Further investigation pushed me to look at all the pictures which featured a very diverse group of people posting from all over the globe, and then to look up the website, On the website I discovered that Nomadness was a phrase and a movement started by a very beautiful and passionate lady named Evita Robinson, a NYU graduate who wanted to create a community for “Urban” travelers to come together and share their experiences, advice and photos.

Evita created Nomadnesstv, a web series, which has helped in expanding the tribe to over eight thousand members. Watching the web series you feel the fire of Evita’s belief in the Nomadness movement and how important it is for minorities in the US to gain a perspective beyond the fifty states. Evita has been featured on TV shows and in magazines – which has also helped spread the word about this fantastic group.  Evita, who has lived on three continents , currently extolls and promotes the Nomadness brand through speaking engagements and outreach programs on college campuses, which intend to address stereotypes in America and to also give students exposure to international cultures that may appeal to their lifestyles.

While there are other travel clubs, Nomadness stands alone in it’s uniqueness because it is female minority owned, has an eighty percent female membership, and has an eighty five percent Black/Latino membership. The group has had over fifty meetups around the world and has over six thousand passport stamps. Evita recently took some time from her hectic schedule to answer a few questions. Here’s what she shared with us:

MA: When was the moment when the Nomadness movement started in your mind?

NM: Living in Niigata, Japan creating my new web series Nomadness TV. I was in Japan for a year and wanted to bring my experiences to family and friends back home. So, through social media and my blog I was able to bring my life to the rest of the world. Nomadness was a web series before it was a tribe and it grew from there.

MA: What do people say they are most appreciative of regarding Nomadneess?

NM: The fact that we are a travel family. You get all attributes of a family in the tribe. Friends, lovers, marriages, enemies, business partners. You observe it all, but the camaraderie among the people is what makes it priceless.

MA: What was the reaction to the first Tribe Worldwide Meetup?

NM: It was great it was the first time that hundreds of our members were able to meet in real life.  It’s since turned into our yearly anniversary party.

MA: What is the dopest aspect of the Nomadness Movement to you?

NM: Being able to create life long memories with people all around the world. Knowing that if it weren’t for Nomadness, these people wouldn’t have known one another. Seeing that manifest itself is amazing.

MA: What is the future of Nomadness?

NM: Everything. Continuing our partnership with Issa Rae Productions for The Nomadness Project. A television show. Phasing into our own social network platform. More trips around the world. Lots on the horizon.


Marc Alexander is a Los Angeles-based writer, photographer and purveyor of urban culture.

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