Nick Jonas’ Beyond Type 1

Nick Jonas teams up with Juliet De Baubigny,

Sarah Lucas and Sam Talbot

to launch BEYOND TYPE 1, a non-profit dedicated to diabetes awareness

Nick Jonas teams up with Juliet De Baubigny, Sarah Lucas and Sam Talbot to launch BEYOND TYPE 1, a non-profit dedicated to diabetes awareness (PRNewsFoto/BEYOND TYPE 1)


EDUCATE. ADVOCATE. CURE.  BEYOND TYPE 1 is a non-profit organization dedicated to changing the conversation around diabetes and bringing a new level of respect, understanding and support to the global Type 1 community.

Co-Founders Juliet De Baubigny, Nick Jonas, Sarah Lucas and Sam Talbot all have a very personal connection to Type 1 and are excited to come together to share their stories and build the community needed to combat an isolating and confusing disease.  BEYOND TYPE 1 is here to be provocative, inclusive and disruptive. By including the real-life faces of those living with the disease, we can change the narrative and help eradicate the stigma that comes from living with a chronic illness.

Nick Jonas was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at the age of thirteen. The multi-platinum selling recording artist, talented actor and philanthropist, continues to support charitable causes that are close to his heart while encouraging youth to follow their dreams in spite of their struggles.

He has served as an advocate for a variety of important issues, including health and education for our youth, human rights and most notably, diabetes.

BEYOND TYPE 1 CEO Sarah Lucas further adds: “We are providing the lifestyle guide for living beyond the diagnosis in full blown gorgeous color, with voices gathered from around the globe.  While we will support programs and efforts that are concentrating on the future and a cure, we are focused on the every day, the now, because Type 1 is 24/7 and people need the tools and inspiration to live beyond, today.”

The founders recognize that there is a different narrative to be told, and a new way to tell it; a strong empowered community can live a dynamic life beyond the diagnosis.  With plans for high profile collaborations, curated special events, and through technology and social media, BEYOND TYPE 1 will provide education and awareness, affording a greater capacity for strategic fundraising and ultimately looking forward to a future free of diabetes.

BEYOND TYPE 1 soft launched in February with an Instagram campaign called “Living Beyond”, showcasing the age, range and lifestyle of those living their best life with T1D, not focusing on the disease itself but the brilliance of those affected by it and how they manage it.  #thedropspotted was also born on social media from a simple hat with the BEYOND drop logo. These campaigns have already garnered support from high profile individuals both in and around the diabetic community including Shepard Fairey, David Blaine, Stacey Bendet, Brian Boitano, Claudine DeNiro and Genevieve Gorder.

To purchase a hat and support #thedropspotted, or to share your story please visit:

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