Crafty Cocktails

Crafty Cocktails with a Twist Could Win You


With summer in full swing, it’s time to embrace the fun in the sun and say “aloha” to an easy, breezy state of mind. Ocean Spray is here to help you adopt the island vibes so you can make it the Most Amazing Summer Ever. From the pool bar to the tiki bar, the cranberry experts are celebrating the tropical taste of their new Cran-Mango™ Juice Drink by sharing tips and trends to stir up your summer celebrations.

And, they want to make this the most amazing summer for YOU – fans are encouraged to share their best original summer cocktail creation for a chance to win big! The winning cocktail creator will walk away with $5,000 – plus bragging rights at your next party, of course. Here’s a little inspiration to help you SHAKE UP the competition!

Pour Punches that Pop
With summer parties on everyone’s mind (and schedules), it’s time to embrace batch cocktails.  Mixing them up before guests arrive cuts down on time – but not flavor – for crowd-pleasing punches and pitchers that guests can serve themselves. So it’s a win-win for everyone! Try Sunset Cranberry Lemonade Punch for a summertime cocktail that evokes the nostalgia of that lemonade stand you used to run, or grab some fresh fruit and make the sure-to-be-a-hit Cranberry Sangria.

Amp up the Color
When in doubt, brighten up your glass with the colors of summer for an award-winning cocktail. Just embrace the colors of your favorite fruits for inspiration. From mango yellow to ruby red grapefruit to cranberry red, Ocean Spray has the mixers to inspire your creativity. Feeling tickled pink? Test out the Pink Pineapple Dream, complete with delightful bubbles, or turn up the citrus flavor with a Rubytini.

Add some Tropical Flavor
What’s better than a little tropical flair in your drink to make you feel like you’re on a beach in Maui? Add a taste of the islands to your cocktails with the juicy and sweet flavor of Cran-Mango™ Juice Drink by trying out a Tropical Splash cocktail. Or, pour it over some bubbly to mix up a refreshing Cranberry Mango Mimosa. Then tap into that tropical state of mind by testing out exotic fruits and unusual ingredients like lychee or chili peppers. Flavors like these are sure to knock the flip flops right off of thirsty guests!

Mix up the Classics
Whether it’s a ‘tini or traditional drink, you’re sure to be en vogue with classic cocktails. Since they never go out of style, serve up a classic Cape Codder or Cosmo. Looking for a twist? Raise everyone’s “spirits” by swapping out vodka for moonshine or white whiskey, or flex your mixology muscles by experimenting with bitters like grapefruit, celery or even chocolate.

Finish with Flourish
You put a lot of effort into that cocktail, so don’t fall short at the end! A few simple tricks can take your cocktail from average to amazing. Block ice is in – not only does it keep your drink concentrated longer, it’s a conversation starter at the bar. Fill oversized ice cube trays, or freeze a large chuck of ice and chip away. You can even try freezing juice for an extra touch of flavor! Then top it off with a cocktail pick and fruit slices for that visual pop.

Share Your Recipe for a Chance to Win
Ocean Spray wants to know what you’re mixing at home! Shake up your most amazing summer cocktail for a chance to win $5,000. The more creative and delicious, the better, so show us your skills by submitting recipes, photos and videos of your most sippable sensations. Head to for more details, or visit Ocean Spray on Facebook and Twitter for more.

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