What Women Secretly Want for Valentine’s Day

John Adams, Napoleon Bonaparte and Ronald Reagan are among the rare men who instinctively knew how powerful handwritten love letters could be. Now self-described hopeless romantic Cherie Turlington wants to encourage today’s men to be a hero to their wives or girlfriends by giving them handwritten love letters for Valentine’s Day in lieu of expensive presents that are likely to be quickly forgotten.

“The chocolate will get eaten, the roses will eventually die, but a handwritten love letter will leave a legacy of your love for your lady that will transcend time and space and live on as a remembrance of your love for future generations,” Turlington says.

Cherie Turlington is a singer/songwriter of 1930s-1950s music, and the author of the book and accompanying song titled “Send Me Some Love In The Mailbox.” Turlington also operates “Be Her Hero,” a paid service that provides weekly e-mail ideas to male subscribers. She has been a guest on multiple radio programs.

She offers tips for men on how to make this year’s Valentine’s Day the best yet even if they aren’t remotely poetic or the possessor of legible handwriting!

Turlington’s expert tips include:

  • What to put in the letter and how to make it pop.
  • Why she believes men are far more romantic than most women give them credit for.
  • Why handwritten letters count more than spoken words and what men can do if their handwriting is illegible.
  • Other romantic gestures men can employ even while cleaning the dishes.
  • How she came to be a romance coach after her husband of 22 years died—without leaving her any love letters.

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