By Natalie Reehl

Just because leaving town isn’t an option doesn’t mean missing spring break is. After a long, cold, dreary winter, treat yourself to a Spring Break and make an average week extraordinary!

By the end of winter, everyone is itching for some fun in the sun, but the beach isn’t always an option for all. Work gets in the way, money is tight, or there’s only time for a couple hours of relaxation- that’s when a “stay-cation” is in order! You can still enjoy spring break if the farthest you’re leaving is to the Starbucks around the block and back- you don’t have to vacate to stay-cate. Here are some ideas to make your week off amazing if you live in the north, south, east or west.

Have a Spa Night At Home!

Going to the spa doesn’t have to be a break-the-bank affair when you can create all the same services in your own bathroom! Clean off all the surfaces and cover them with candles, turn the lights down, and fill your bathtub with bubbles. You can even throw in a fun “bath bomb” from a body care shop for a jacuzzi effect.

Chop up cucumbers to lay over your eyes, and after you soak to some relaxing music for a while, exfoliate with a salt-scrub to make your skin seaweed-wrap soft.

After that, fall into your fluffiest robe, paint your nails and sip a little champagne. Just a few hours of pampering will leave you glowing and rejuvenated – all without the hassle of having to share the spa grounds with other guests!



Become an Accidental Tourist!

Whether you live in a big city or a small town, or guess what- both have awesome things to offer when you look for them! Gather a group of friends or your significant other and take a whole day to explore like you never have before, and do everything you would do if you’ve never been there previously. Find a cheesy map at a touristy shop, buy some ugly tee shirts, and run around looking for the main attractions. Go to a restaurant you never would before or take a selfie at the most well-known spot- from Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco to the Baha’i Temple outside of Chicago, no place is too big or small, just see them all.

Glam It Up!

Put on your little black dress and go out there, girl!  There’s nothing like getting dressed up for a night out. Get your makeup done, put your hair in place, and hit the town like a celebrity attending Fashion Week. If you can’t make it to Milan or Paris, then try bringing a little Continental flavor to your backyard. Make reservations at that trendy new restaurant you’ve always said you wanted to try and enjoy a fabulous Girls Night Out topped off with a delicious meal and some well-deserved desserts.

Go Natural!

If you live near a lake or a forest preserve, go for a long hike around the area and check out the sights at this time of year! If it’s snowy and cold, bundle up and bring a thermos of hot chocolate to warm up and stay until sunset to watch the orange sky sparkle off the snow. If it’s warm and sunny where you live, pack a picnic and bring a Polaroid camera. Leave your phone on silent, pretend it’s the middle of summer and create memories you can look back on! Let it be a peaceful trip to put your mind at ease and feel relaxed for a while.  When you develop the photos you can be reminded of your day amidst nature.

Immerse Yourself in Your Imagination & Read “That” Book!

We all have that one book we’ve been meaning to read forever but we never seem to have the time to do it. This is the time! Pack up your book, put some new music on your phone, and throw on some cozy leggings to go to a nearby coffee shop. Nothing is better than curling up with a hot tea or latte and digging into an adventure. Make a pact to only leave the café when you’ve read halfway- that way you get fully invested and shut of your real-life thoughts for a little while! Yummy drink plus the newest romance-action-mystery novel? Sounds like the perfect way to spend an afternoon.

Spring is about to spring, so plan to make the most of it. Do you have a perfect stay-cation idea you’d like to share? Join the Conversation on Facebook or share your pics with us on Instagram and let us know how you make the most of your hometown.


Photos by Natalie Reehl


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