The Rebirth of Fur

By Camille Sarabia

Perhaps one of the best-known images of Marilyn Monroe is of her with her coiffed platinum blonde hair, red lips, dazzling smile and her signature beauty mark as her body is wrapped in nothing but a white fur coat and long white gloves. It was 1960’s, and every woman wanted to be her, and every man wanted to be her fur coat!

Now, more than 50 years later, fur has both risen and plummeted in popularity. As trends in social consciousness shifted throughout the 1980’s and 1990’s, fashion sensibilities followed suit, and anti-fur campaigns became prevalent.  Once considered a luxury item and status symbol, fur found itself drifting into realms of scrutiny and many animal rights activists dubbed fur wearers as inhumane.

Many style mavens who regard fashion as art remained steadfast in their love of fur. But, as ethical and moral debates raged, many fashion-forward fur lovers opted for synthetic furs and vegan leather as opposed the smooth glistening texture of the real thing.



Somewhere between the anti-fur movement and now, fur has subtly reclaimed a position of prominence in the most eye-catching way it could–on the runway.  From long trench furs to short bomber jackets, furs to fur shoes, handbags, earrings and knuckle rings, the soft luxurious fabric has made a comeback.

Most recently, renowned fashion designer, artist and highly consulted photographer, Karl Lagerfeld, has paired with the Italian luxury brand Fendi to create a new fresh spin on fur with its classic and timeless designs from the past.  This collaboration introduces designs that pay homage to screen sirens like Marilyn Monroe and Sophia Loren era and modernizes each design with classy, spunky and colorful accoutrements to usher in a new era of fur.

Their 2013 Un Art Autre Fur World Exposition introduced portion of fashion, of unique designs, elegance, the science and a new look on outerwear to the world of fashion.  Lagerfeld and Fendi transformed fur into art through installations which showcased the design, the creativity and the unique attributes of each coat, heel and handbag constructed.

The rebirth of fur has officially begun.

Fur has ridden a tumultuous tide of love and hate, popularity and disdain.  Now, at last, it is everywhere again.  Will it stay?  But, of course! If Karl Lagerfeld deems it fashion, it must be so.  Right?

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