By Teryl Warren

Be honest. When most of us hear the words “formal wear” or “cocktail attire,” the first image that pops into our minds is a dress – usually draped in sequins or made of some sumptuous fabric like satin or lace. That’s fine for us girls, but what about the fellas? Fortunately, online tuxedo rental house Simple Tux in there to satisfy even the most style-challenged party attendee, prom date or groom-to-be’s fashion needs.

Inspired, in part, by one of its co-founders’ personal nightmarish experience when trying to find a tuxedo for his wedding, Simple Tux, a fashion focused, price conscious online tuxedo rental company – streamlines the process of both finding and being fitted for men’s formal wear.

“Nowadays, more and more men want to have a voice regarding their style than they have in the past,” co-founder Chris Sheng told us.  “A lot of men don’t know what the formalities are when it comes to renting a tuxedo because it happens [in their lives] so infrequently. So they don’t know the process and rules behind renting, how to find the right fit for different body types, and so on. We help men through this process to look better for their wedding day or other special occasion.”

The three co-founders of Simple Tux have been friends for more than 20 years. Boasting professional backgrounds in finance and the high tech industries, they launched Simple Tux in an effort to apply their various skill sets to modernize the fitting and rental process of tuxedos and custom suits.

“For the most part, the tuxedo rental business uses a very dated business model that hasn’t been infused with technology. Renting a tuxedo can be an intimidating process because stores don’t usually keep their entire formal wear inventory on-site.  This means the client wastes countless time going through catalogs to figure out what he wants, and then goes through a lot of back and forth in the process with fittings, tailoring and so on,” Chris shared.  “The Simple Tux process is more efficient and offers a higher level of customer service while also providing fashion direction to men who need it.”

Recognizing the needs of today’s tech-savvy man, Simple Tux offers expertly curated looks straight from Hollywood’s most stylish red carpets, a seamless online process for gathering measurements and easy direct shipping nationwide. Simple Tux makes mobile tailoring services available to address any adjustments that may need to be made after the tuxedo is delivered. And tuxedos and suits also come with a pre-packaged slip to make returning the rented tuxedo possible in just one drop-ship step.

Men who don’t currently know their suit or tuxedo measurements are encouraged to go to a men’s store where they can be measured for free. Simple Tux plans to soon roll out a hybrid model in which in which local representatives based in major markets around the country will host measuring events at for proms, wedding parties –  wherever there is an influx of men who want to get measured – so that prospective clients, equipped with accurate measurement information, can shop the collection with confidence and at their own convenience.

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