Robert Christopher Riley Presents


Responsibly in Love looks to become a model, inspiring passionate groups of friends, professionals and social leaders to design, formalize and therefore bypass traditional philanthropy and take action in their communities to promote safe and responsibly drinking habits. Through powerful social networks, dynamic events and aligning industry notables, Responsibly in Love is a charitable paradigm of the future, taking action first, asking questions later, and positively impacting the lives of the community sooner than later.
About the I WILL ACHIEVE INITIATIVE: Consistent with President Obama’s My Brother’s Keeper initiative, the I WILL ACHIEVE INITIATIVE is creating the opportunity for 10,000 Black and Hispanic males to complete the Common Black College Application (CBCA) for free. Both rural and urban school districts are experiencing debilitating Counselors to student ratios and severe budget cuts. Consequently, many students are not receiving the counseling and information they need to be adequately prepared to apply to and attend college. Black and Hispanic males are impacted the most because of the commonly held perception that they are the least likely to go to college.

Join Robert Christopher Riley, star of VH1’s “Hit the Floor” and all his celeb friends as they toast to “Drinking Responsibly” and saying NO to drinking and driving. Transportation partner Uber is providing first time Uber users with a PROMOTIONAL CODE. The promo code is good for a first ride up to $50. You may redeem this credit by downloading Uber to your smart phone and using the promotional code “Ohmies”. Robert asks that if you plan on attending and drinking, please take advantage of this generous offer!

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