Most Dapper Men in Hollywood History

By Drew Dorsey

Whistles and butt slaps are definitely in order when discussing these favorite male style icons. What can I say ladies, they did it right. Suave. Smooth. Sexy. These men have it goin’ on because there is no shortage of swoon when it comes to a man with style. This month we celebrate God’s gift of testosterone to the world we all know and love as men. Check out these male style icons who did it right. Fashionistos, we salute you…and watch you walk away.


Bond…James Bond. The original 007 set the bar for bow tied charm and forever set a standard for men in suits everywhere. The suit, sleek comb back, crisp bow tie and dangerous pistol is the prototypical spy image and a look that many men strive for when looking to frost their tips. Try as you may, Brooks Brothers, but this look is an original.









Classic Hollywood glam ladies and gents. Known for his dashing good looks and charming demeanor, this acting icon could make a blind woman swoon. His style was suave, clean and polished. Grant was the epitome of the classic 1950s male look. Clean-cut and styled to perfection, Mr. Grant easily snags the superlative for most likely to take home to mom.









Always smooth and cut to perfection, The Temptations were a tailor’s dream. The poster men for uniformity, their fashion was as tight as their harmonies. Whether in suits, ruffled tuxedo shirts, or rocking coats with tails, the Temptations became style inspirations for boys in the 1960’s going to proms everywhere.










The man who could smolder his way into any woman’s heart, James Dean was the original bad boy. Every conservative father’s nightmare, Dean was the rebel whose greaser image is still recognized around the world decades after his death. The man who gave grease lightin’ a platform, James Dean made cool cool. Generations of young men would try and try to attain the quaffed hair, popped collar, and dropped cig look, but no one could do it quite like Dean.









The modern James Dean, Johnny Depp puts sexy in a whole other league. His effortless rocker, artistic style is will forever solidify his status as a sex symbol. That hair. A moment of silence please? Paired with those retro glasses, and masculine accessories, Johnny is the walking definition of cool. The scarves, the chains and oversized fedoras, this man was clearly carved and styled by angels.









And of course, the one and only King of Pop, swag and sequins. One of the most influential fashion icons of all time, MJ’s style cannot be touched. The man could make a monkey a trendsetting accessory. From the glam military jackets, aviator shades, white socks, raised shoulder pads, signature armband, and single sequined glove, his style screamed regality. Not many men could pull off half of the show stopping ensembles MJ rocked and yet generations, male and female, continue to try their best to emulate the icon.











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