On Wednesday, MOGUL Inc (onmogul.com) founder Tiffany Pham, 27 of New York, received IvyConnect’s Ivy Innovator Award for her trailblazing contributions to the film arena. The inaugural event was presented by Cadillac and took place at the Landmark Theater in Los Angeles where Daniel Radcliffe screened his newest film “What If.” IvyConnect (ivy.com) is the world’s fastest growing social incubator bringing together remarkable entrepreneurs, artists and innovators, and The Ivy Innovator Awards were designed to inspire and support the next generation of leading minds in Film, Technology, and Design.

Tiffany Pham and Daniel Radcliffe attend IvyConnect's Inaugural Ivy Innovator Awards

Pham stated, “I went into film because of my family. When I first moved to America I didn’t know a word of English, but it was by watching film that I ended up learning how to speak. Through that experience that’s’ how I recalled what a powerful tool film is for change, for learning. After graduating from Harvard, I knew I had to get into the industry that impacted me as a young girl, so I can ultimately use film and media to impact other young girls like me.”


“Tiffany embodies IvyConnect’s ethos and is a true testament of what we aim to do – bringing together talented individuals that are at the forefront of their craft,” said Beri Meric, Founder and co-CEO of IvyConnect. “Her body of work is exemplary, from creating an online platform that promotes social good, to her work as a film producer. We are thrilled that she is our first recipient of the Ivy Innovator Film Award.”


Recently named FORBES 2014 “30 Under 30” in media, Pham created and built from the ground-up MOGUL, a worldwide platform connecting women to the Internet’s top trending content, including film and video – personalized to each woman’s career and educational interests. By providing original reporting, aggregating content from partners, and enabling users to also contribute content, MOGUL ultimately empowers women to share knowledge and discover new opportunities around the world. With 1,000,000 users upon launch, MOGUL is visited by 189 countries and 14,240 cities worldwide. MOGUL has partnered with top organizations like the NYC Museum of Modern Art and Provincetown Film Institute to film educational events for women.


(L-R) Bo Kim, Tiffany Pham, Daniel Radcliffe, Melody Lane and Beri Meric attend IvyConnect's Inaugural Ivy Innovator Awards with Daniel Radcliffe - Photo credit: Joe Scarnic/Getty Images

In addition to her work with MOGUL, Pham is also a film producer. She co-produced the film “Girlfriend,” which was the first North American feature to cast a man with Down Syndrome in the lead role, and subsequently won the Gotham Independent Audience Award. She also helped produce the documentary “Child 31” which broadened mainstream awareness for the organization Mary’s Meals. Other credits and accolades include Independent Series Awards nominated film “Twenty Five” and the Provincetown Award-winning feature “Hermit;” forthcoming feature film projects include “Land of Enchantment” “Forever Jiaying,” “Funny Funny,” “Lady World,” “You’re Next,” and the TV series “The Human Experience.”


The evening included a special screening of What If and Q&A with the film’s male lead, Daniel Radcliffe. Before introducing the film, Radcliffe gave the packed theater a few words of advice about chasing their endeavors:


“Just steer your own ship as much as it is possible to do. You can’t be hamstrung by other people’s expectations of you. Personally, I would never base decisions on what other people thought I should do, and just do whatever the hell you want.”


Over the last year IvyConnect has established thriving communities across New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Washington D.C. and Boston. In 2014 IvyConnect is hosting more than 200 unique art gallery receptions, speaker events, film screenings, and outdoor experiences to unite remarkable individuals who would not otherwise meet. For more information on IvyConnect, please visit www.ivy.com.

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