Fans of the ’90’s family drama “Life Goes On” will remember actress Kellie Martin in her Emmy®-nominated her role as Becca Thatcher.

In addition to landing a regular role in “ER” and guest starring in such acclaimed series as “thirtysomething,” “The Tracy Ullman Show” and “Law & Order: SVU,” Martin has starred in a number of television movies including “Her Hidden Truth,” “If Someone Had Known,” “Breaking Free,” “Her Last Chance,” “A Friend to Die For” and “Hidden in Silence.”  Martin’s most recent guest starring roles have been on “Drop Dead Diva,” “Grey’s Anatomy,” “Private Practice” and “The Ghost Whisperer.”

This month, she stars as bride-to-be Jordan Grady who, along with best friend, Claire, head off to Las Vegas for Jordan’s bachelorette party. Jordan is very proper and structured in her life and, unlike the wild and crazy fun most bachelorette parties are known for, has plans for a weekend of sensible fun. Claire, however, is bound and determined to stir up a wild outing. This definitely has Jordan’s fiancé Peter Drake slightly worried. He is a handsome lawyer who is just as neat and “clean-cut” as Jordan and has low-key plans for his bachelor party—a weekend of golf.

Peter is annoyed by their decision to hold the bachelorette party in a scandalous city like Vegas and he requests that Jordan leave her engagement ring behind for safekeeping. The ring was passed down from Peter’s grandmother to Jordan, and it holds sentimental value.

While Claire, Jordan, and another friend, Jessica, are at a Vegas nightclub ordering drinks, Jessica and Claire are more than open about their lack of affection for Peter – who they believe is dull and controlling. Their non-stop chiding encourages the reluctant Jordan to let loose and party. Jordan, to Claire’s dismay, orders a non-alcoholic beverage, while Claire orders extra shots of rum in hers. Before the waitress serves them their drinks, the girls spot Hollywood movie star, Matt Swift, enter the club.

The next morning, Jordan wakes up in an opulent suite, a diamond ring on her finger, a marriage certificate nearby –- and to Matt Swift’s voice — without memory of what happened the night before. Matt clues her in: they got hitched, Claire and Jessica went clubbing with his manager, Eric Spencer, and, apparently, Jordan was letting loose: dancing, singing, and telling Matt they were soul mates. Matt is calm and cool about the marriage, which he believes can be fixed with an easy annulment, while Jordan, ever so regretful and horrified, asks her girlfriends to take this secret to the grave. Little do they know, an employee at the wedding chapel has already sold photos of Matt and Jordan to the media.

The hijinx that happen next forever dispel the myth that what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas!

Tune in to see the comedy and drama of “I Married Who” unfold on the Hallmark Channel Saturday, April 5 at 7PM EST/6PM CST.

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