Forget Dinner – When’s Dessert?

By: Natalie Reehl

If you live in the state of California or are visiting any time soon and having a “date night” isn’t on your agenda, spend one night (or two or three) going on a girl’s-night dessert-hop to four of our favorite spots!

Forget dinner and make the sugary stuff the main course, because all of these places offer sweet treats that will blow your mind and give you something to smile about.

Alcove, Big Bar, and Alcove Chocolate  –

Start off the night with this three-in-one location: Not only does the Alcove Café & Bakery offer fantastic treats and tarts, but there’s an adjoining bar as well as gourmet chocolate shop! Housed in a set of bungalows in Los Angeles, the café serves up a whole menu of desserts from rich layer cakes to bundt cakes to cheesecake and each section has about 7-14 options. They also have macaroons dipped in chocolate, giant muffins, and classic cookies and brownies- essentially anything you could want to satisfy a sweet tooth with. From classic German Chocolate to Grapefruit Poppy Seed cake slices, you won’t be disappointed.

After head over to the Big Bar for signature drinks made from house-made syrups and fresh herbs. With selections ranging from wine, beer signature house cocktails, there is certainly something to accompany your bakery treat, such as a Mo-chi-chi that’s created with real coconut, lime, and crushed ice. Finish off the visit at this secluded, cozy location with chocolate from their signature collection of bars, customized sets, and sample unique flavors such as Chipotle Chili Chocolate. It’s the perfect, relaxing start to the night and already gets the sugar high going!

The Third Street Promenade is pure magic when it comes to an ideal dessert hopping destination. From crepes to ice cream, this open stretch of oceanfront real estate offers endless opportunities. One of the most popular digs is Café Crepe – a European- inspired café primarily located in Canada, but it’s only U.S. location can be found in the Third Street Promenade!

Café Crepe –

While they offer a wide breakfast selection, it’s their crepes that are worth the trek to Santa Monica for your dessert hop. How do fillings like bananas and sugar, dark chocolate and coconut, and even Nutella sound? Not to mention you can add almost anything to your crepe for a couple dollars more. Ever try a crepe injected with rum and topped with ice cream? You can here!

Café Crepe also offers beer, cider, wine and a “Nutella Martini” which is made from Irish cream coffee liqueur and hazelnut brandy. And did we tell you that the coffee grounds are imported from Italy? You and your girlfriends will end up staying for hours, trying all the crepes and endless coffee options.

Then, when you’re done, take a stroll through the beautifully lit promenade and and try out N’Ice Cream for a cool and refreshing treat that serves organic sorbet and gelato.


The Pie Hole –

When you’re ready to dive in to your decadent main course, head straight to The Pie Hole. With locations in both Downtown Los Angeles and Pasadena, you can make your Pie Hole experience twice as nice as you sink your teeth into slices of crust-covered goodness ranging from Mom’s Apple Crumble and Moe’s Pumpkin to Mexican Chocolate.

The Pie Hole also offers an assortment of specialty coffees, lattes and savory pies, but you can try those another day because, by this time, you shouldn’t have room for anything else!


NIGHT CAP: Hotel Normandie –

By the end of the night, you’ll want a soft spot to land to come down from your sugar and carb high. Make a beeline for Hotel Normandie – an elegant hotel in Los Angeles built in the 1920’s that boasts personality, beautiful grounds and views of the city and amazing late-night cocktails. If you still haven’t satisfied your sweet tooth, feel free to indulge in some frothy hot chocolate to end the dessert hop of a lifetime.

Have fun and remember: Diamonds are great, but chocolate is really a girl’s best friend. And there’s no such thing as too much of either.

Happy start to the Holidays!


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