The Ultimate Fan Menu

By Natalie Reehl

 It’s that time of year again- kids are back in school, coffee shops are serving up pumpkin spice lattes and NFL action is in full-swing. And if your Sunday soiree or Monday Night menu needs a little help, why not draw inspiration from the teams, themselves?

No game is complete without a table full of snacks, especially when all your friends are totally decked out in their favorite fan gear. And the best part is, if everyone is busy watching the game and chowing down on, no one will notice the ten- or thirteen- chicken wings you’ve eaten.   Chips and dip is one thing, but if you wanna to be a real winner, check out our NFL-inspired menu featuring favorite foods from every city in the game! (The recipes are even grouped by division!)


Buffalo Bills: Expecting Buffalo wings? Well, we could’ve done that, but that would’ve been a little on-the-nose, don’t you think? Then, again, if it ain’t broke, why try to fix it?  And if you’re really trying to do it right, go to the source. Here’s the Buffalo Chicken wings recipe from Anchor Bar in Buffalo, NY– where the finger-licking, Ranch-dipping tradition all began!

New York Jets: New York makes it easy- Pizza! No one will refuse warm, cheesy, chewy New York- style pizza, especially if it’s homemade and straight out of the oven. Dough isn’t too hard to make, and the wonderful grocery store can supply the cheese and sauce, so it’s a go-to game day meal. If there are leftovers, send them to the Jets to see if your pizza can compare to the real thing!

New England Patriots:  Nobody does seafood like New England, and if you want to win points from “Title Town” (Boston), glide into the living room on game day carrying a tray of delectable lobster rolls. They’re easy to make and, when done well, will satisfy fans with even the most discriminating of  tastes!

Miami Dolphins:  Okay, so we haven’t touched on salad or really any kind of vegetable yet. Try a seven layer salad- but not the kind with three cups of mayonnaise, some Jell-O, and a bag of chips. These different recipes have quinoa, spinach, and all kinds of fruits and veggies to add a light side to all the dense foods. Mix them up with some cheese or noodles for a more filling salad, and layer it all up in a tall bowl. One of these will be sure to fit your salad needs!



Cleveland Browns: If you’ve never tried a peanut butter Buckeye, then you have missed out. Chocolate, peanut butter, all in one little bite? It’s a dream addition to all the salty and heavy food sitting out, and since they’re bite sized you can alternate chips and buckeyes all game long.

Cincinnati BengalsCount on Cincinnati to bring the heat with their well-known chili! Thick with meat, beans, and spices galore, one pot will feed the whole room. Leave out cheese, sour cream, and other chili toppings so everyone can make their perfect bowl. And the Cincinnati twist? Spaghetti noodles under the chili. Double the food, double the delicious.

Baltimore Ravens: Tired of boring potato chips that dry out your mouth and leave you unsatisfied? Bring in a Baltimore classic- potato skins. Use either sweet potato or regular potato skins and simply fry, whip up a sauce, and serve! These are much moister and tastier than the foil bag of Lays, so you’ll feel better about snacking on them as well.,0,5786936.photogallery?index=bal-fo-mad-menu-p03-dais20120809123130

Pittsburgh Steelers: Get your Terrible Towel in one hand and a dish full of pierogis in the other if you’re trying to hang with fans from the Steel City. But don’t you dare forget the sour cream, because if you do, they’ll know you’re just riding the bandwagon.



Jacksonville Jaguars: While Jacksonville isn’t known for producing a specific food, they do make a mean hush puppy. Corn meal hush puppy’s have become a staple in southern cuisine, and since Jacksonville is more southern than Florida try frying some up for the game! They’re good with mustard, French onion dip, ranch- pretty much anything.

Houston Texans:  Once again, you’re probably thirsty from all these sodium-packed snacks. Nothing cures that, however, better than a frozen margarita can. Margaritas are a crowd-pleaser since they’re essentially an alcoholic smoothie, and you can buy different syrups to create every flavor anyone could want. Get creative with your glasses and straws, and hand out a frosty drink during halftime.

Tennessee Titans:  For Tennessee fans, you have to bust out some BBQ. In fact, this burger recipe for a “Tennessee Burger” not only involves BBQ sauce but also bourbon and bacon. The three B’s, all in one recipe. While this one does take some time to make, it will be worth it when you’re digging into the richest, juiciest burger you’ve ever had. Remember to set out napkins!

Indianapolis Colts: What’s a signature Indie dish? Potato salad loaded with cheese, bacon, and onions. It’s the perfect side to any game-night dinner, and can be served warm or cold. With the easiest prep of any of the recipes, it’s a must and is sure to please with its delightfully dense cheesy taste. Healthy? Absolutely not, but at this point in the day health is completely irrelevant.



Oakland Raiders: Oakland is a cultural melting pot in every way, and you can see the evidence in Raiders fans in the Black Hole and in the food throughout the city. As a port city, seafood is also near and dear to the inhabitants’ hearts. So why not combine all things Oakland into one tasty game day offering by serving up some delicious Shrimp Tostadas?

Kansas City Chiefs:  Why not make the whole game an eating contest by also bringing out some pork ribs? Kansas City loves their ribs, and even if you cheat and just pick them up from that somewhat-sketchy rib place down the street it’s still in the spirit to chow down! Or, invest in the four- hour cooking time and create your own BBQ pork ribs. Either will be perfectly satisfying.

Denver Broncos: Why not add a vegetable in by making corn on the cob? Corn on the cob is a fan favorite and can be prepared a thousand different ways, so The Denver Post narrowed it down to ten and each option is a fresh new take. From blue cheese to chile lime, there is an option for everyone and much room for personalizing to specific tastes. Or, the simple butter and salt option is always great.

San Diego Chargers: Due to its proximity to Mexico, it’s no surprise the Mexican food is a huge part of life in San Diego. Put together tacos for this match and bring the fiesta! There’s no one way to make a taco, and all of the taco trucks around the area agree, so read up on different recipes and try either a taco bar or a couple different types. Taco bars allow everyone to make their perfect taco, so try laying out a variety of toppings and meats for happy football fans.


Dallas Cowboys: Getting ready to watch “America’s Team” throw down? Get some southern cooking on by making a banana nut cake, covered in gooey icing and filled with hunks of banana. Cut off big slices, or cut into small squares and serve in cupcake wrappers for a fun presentation. Better yet, shape the buttery brown cake into the shape of a football to stick with the NFL party theme!

Washington Redskins:  The wonderful Redskins website has a whole section devoted to tailgating and game-day food, all recipes created by the Harris Teeter food market native to Washington. Go on through this link and specify what kind of dish you’re looking for, what kind of meat, and bam, options galore.

Philadelphia Eagles: So far, we’re guessing the only drink on your list for game day is beer. Lots and lots of beer. But, there should also be a sweet and non-alcoholic drink for all the viewers under 21! Philadelphia is famous for inventing their “soda pop”- not meaning commercial soda, but special brands that pride themselves on well made pops! Brands include Hires Root Beer, Franks Beverages, and other various Philly-brewed sodas. Order some online, or check a store nearby!

New York Giants: The team may be struggling, but there’s a lot of pride among Giants’ fans, so you better feed them like Super Bowl champs. Take their minds off their team’s woes and sweeten things up by serving one of the most iconic American and New York desserts ever: cheesecake! Here’s an ultimate cheesecake recipe for the ultimate Giants’ fans!



Detroit Lions: You know Detroit is known for Motown, but did you know the Lions’ hometown is also known for its Greektown? Serve up a fresh, authentic Greek salad to balance out some of the more fat and carb-loaded fare!

Green Bay Packers: What better way to begin this snack-off than with delicious cheese curds? Taking the Wisconsin classic snack, the “cheese curd,” and frying them up so they’re warm and melted on the inside instantly makes them tastier, more flavorful, and are perfect for popping one by one (or three by three) between plays. This easy recipe makes the right yet indulgent amount:

Minnesota VikingsMinnesota natives have a different name for “casserole” than the rest of the country- they call it a “hot dish” instead! A favorite way to make a hot dish is to mix up Campbell’s soups, cheese, ground beef, and finally some tater tots to top it all off. Sounds interesting, to say the least- but if you’re a Vikings fan you might as well try it.

Chicago BearsOf course, for the Bears game you need to enjoy a Chicago-style hot dog. Get beef hot dogs, top with neon green relish, onions, tomatoes, a pickle, and to top it off yellow mustard. But don’t you dare put ketchup on that hot dog- do that and you’re not a true Bears fan.



Carolina Panthers:  For one of the final matches, make the easiest dessert known to man- key lime pie! You can either make a crust for the pie or simply purchase a pre-made one, and the actual filling is only a few ingredients. Best part? It doesn’t need baked or anything, just throw it in the fridge for a couple hours. With these easy recipe you can make more than one so you’re well prepared for game-time sweet tooths.

Tampa Bay BuccaneersFrom a local restaurant comes another pie recipe- but this one with a different southern twist. Rich and creamy, Iris’s Peanut Butter Pie will surely capture your guest’s attention. And who says dessert can’t be dinner? This pie is packed with peanut-butter protein, so you can pretend all the sugar wasn’t added and that this dessert is protein-packed and “healthy”.

New Orleans SaintsHave a lot of people coming over for the first Sunday game of the season? The Saints have your back since one of New Orleans’ most popular dishes is gumbo, which not only feeds everyone since recipes make an enormous amount, but also fills them up so no one is rifling through your fridge post lunch. This recipe brings the flavor and spunk of the South, so don’t hesitate to put in the time to get the best lunch for all out of it!

Atlanta FalconsNothing says “Atlanta” like some fresh-out-the-oven biscuits, so make these cheese biscuits that are an Atlanta native! Spread them with butter for extra tasty carbs and finger-licking goodness.



San Francisco 49ers:  007 may have made them famous, but it was San Francisco who gave birth to the martini at the Occidental Hotel in the late 1800’s. Whether vodka or gin-based, shaken or stirred, be ready to toast your team the next time the Niners kick-off!

St. Louis Rams: Allow me to introduce you to the NFL poster child of food: Chicken wings. From BBQ to boneless, from KFC to Popeye’s, the varieties are endless and widely celebrated. But why not make your own version for your own Ram’s celebration? St. Louis can be thanked for chicken wings and during the game is the perfect chance to enjoy them.

Arizona Cardinals: Nestled in a conference packed with powerhouse franchises, the Arizona Cardinals quietly and consistently win. Pay tribute to them on game-day by whipping up some signature Nopales, translation: prickly pear cactus. Sound exotic? Not really. After all, Arizona is a desert!

Seattle SeahawksUsually football does not equal fancy snacks such as salmon dip, but since salmon fishing is huge in Seattle why not honor the Super Bowl Champion Seahawks by whipping some up? Serve with pita chips, pretzels, or better yet- bagels- and you’ll have a unique and creamy addition to the typical game day wings!

Here’s to the best and tastiest season ever! Got a fan favorite dish you wanna share? Join our conversation on Facebook and let us know your favorite football food!

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