At 19, future celebrity stylist Nelson Chan’s father set him up with a a summer job working in a friend’s hair salon in Hong Kong. Little did he know that this temporary gig would be the springboard to a career that would one day make his son one of the most highly sought-after men in Hollywood.

Celebrity stylist Nelson Chan (Photo by Nicole Tran)

With celebrity clients such as Lady Gaga, Alicia Silverstone, Leah Remini and Heather Graham, Nelson Chan has perfected the art of making busy women look beautiful.  Recognizing the fact that women who can’t actually make it into his salon also deserve the star treatment, Nelson has now  thrown his hat into the healthy hair care product ring.

We recently caught up with him at his chic Beverly Hills salon to find out more about his new beauty line: Nelson J Beverly Hills.

“The Nelson J brand is all about ‘natural’ – natural-looking hair and natural hair care products,” he told us. “On top of the natural feel and quality, when you use our products, you’ll also notice your hair will have more body and volume.”

What distinguishes the Nelson J Beverly Hills hair care product line from many others in the marketplace is the keen attention he and his team have paid to finding the perfect formula during the early development phases.  In particular, they’ve infused the ever-popular argan oil in both the shampoo and conditioning products. The result is hair that is richly moisturized without feeling heavy or overly processed.

Photo by Nicole Tran

“A lot of companies use argan oil in their formulas but we actually use it as our base, which means our products cleanse the hair with super-amazing results,” he said. “Literally, you can leave our conditioner on your hair for only a minute and it will leave your hair feeling brand new.”

One of the other distinguishing attributes of the Nelson J Beverly Hills hair care product line is that its mild formula is gentle enough for fine hair but is equally effective on coarse hair.  And Nelson assured us that women of every ethnicity will find something in the product line that will work well for them.

Photo by Nicole Tran

“Many people process their hair a lot nowadays, so it’s very important that the hair gets a lot of moisture,” he shared. “Our products cleanse the hair without damaging the cuticles or stripping the hair of essential natural oils.  Nelson J Beverly Hills hair care products will work on any hair type or texture.”

The Nelson J Beverly Hills product line was made for cosmopolitan women who need reliable, natural products to cleanse and protect their tresses. And that’s exactly why Nelson and his team don’t refer to their products as simply “shampoos” or “conditioners.”

“One of the things I really like about this line is that our products are lifestyle products,” he said. “A lot of women have to use multiple products to get the look and feel they want. With our line, they can get the results they’re looking for using only one product.”

Nelson Chan outside his Beverly Hills salon (photo by Nicole Tran)

Nelson J Beverly Hills hair care products are available through premium beauty outlets like Total Beauty and Birch Box. You can also purchase products directly at


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