By Beverly Calero

Jeans are an iconic fashion piece and a must-have for every woman’s closet. However, as a woman, I know that it can be quite a struggle to find the right pair with the right fit and, above all, in the right style. Enter designer Kalia Kirby, whose label Poetic Justice Jeans embraces the diversity and uniqueness of the female body in all its shape and sizes.

“With denim, it’s really just about making sure that women are happy and confident with their bodies, and that’s truly what we are about,” Kalia told us.

Through fashion, Kalia and her team of experts answer the questions that are most important to women: A – Do these jeans flatter me,  and B – Do they make my butt look good? After sampling a pair of Poetic Justice Jeans’  “CeCe Black Basic Cropped Skinny Jeans,” I can attest that they fit just as Poetic Justice promises: like a glove.  On top of the fit, I love how beautifully the jeans transfer from a day to to a night look.

As a lifestyle brand, Poetic Justice Jeans born out of Kalia Kirbys own personal struggle to find the perfect pair of jeans.

“What’s more important than having a brand that caters to you, makes you feel good about yourself, and makes you proud of being a woman,” Kalia asked. “When we were thinking about what the brand meant to me and what it meant to friends and family, we knew that we wanted to hone in on that. ”

Poetic Justice Jeans' Kalia Kirby

In an industry that is simultaneously praised and criticized for the practice of vanity sizing,  Kalia’s line urges her client to realize that she is “a shape and not a size.”

“When you focus so much on size, you compromise everything else. [Our focus] is on the  shape of a woman what makes her unique and finding the right fit to emphasize and flatter her curves. “When a woman wears Poetic Justice Jeans, I want her to throw away all negative concepts of how a pair of jeans is going to fit…with Poetic Justice we have taken the time to listen to our customers [and crafted a pair of jeans] that they can trust and once they do, I know that they wouldn’t go back”.

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