By Drew Dorsey

 Sexy, smooth and a pleasure for the ears, Epic 92 is a power duo straight from the ATL who are a force to be reckoned with in the land of R & B. With more than a decade of experience in the music industry under their belt, Epic 92 is gearing up to release their newest album, Atlanta Lights.

The dynamic duo of Xanthe and K-Tabbs have been creating musical magic as a pair since the year their name suggests. Both educated and formally trained musicians, they first started collaborating in a recording studio in D.C where they soon discovered that their combined creativity would be something special.

Xanthe and K-Tabbs immediately set about cultivating a musical style all their own, incessantly writing and recording material. Dedicated to their craft, K-Tabbs and Xanthe commuted regularly between DC and North Carolina to take advantage of recording and performing opportunities. But just as the promising duo began to take flight, a spanner was thrown in the works that nearly brought an end to the group. On a return road trip from DC, Xanthe and K-Tabbs were involved in a near fatal auto accident that nearly sealed the fate of The group. At that point, it seemed as if the dream was over.

Yet after an intense period of recovery, aided by the support of friends, family, and fans, Xanthe and K-Tabbs returned to the mic in refined form – buttressed by their new lease on life and a renewed optimism. It wasn’t long before the universe confirmed they were moving in the right direction. Their talent and drive began to attract the attention of several figures in the music industry. It was in this period that the group began to develop a close working relationship with Daddy’s House – the state of the art recording studio owned and operated by one of the 21st century’s most distinguished media moguls: Sean “Diddy” Combs.

Their relationship with Daddy’s House continued for several years and it was no secret that Epic 92 had officially brought the ATL to NYC. Here they began conversing with several distinguished record labels.

After signing with Universal Music Distribution, they recorded their debut album, Southern Vision. Despite the album going unreleased, tracks from the album became car jam staples overseas thanks to outlets such as radio DJ Wayne C. McDonald, The Soulchoonz Show, and Blues & Soul magazine. Catching on to the international buzz, the States soon jumped onto the Epic 92 bandwagon and it wasn’t long before stations all over the US began spinning Epic 92 tracks in heavy rotation.

“We work very hard. Seen a lot, been through a lot, and from a business standpoint, I consider myself a business man artist,”  K-Tabbs said. “People always tell us that our sound is different from what’s happening, and that’s a good thing. Because it shows people that we do what we do from our hearts. We are the executives of our own artistry.”


The duo has opened for numerous acclaimed artists such as Frankie Beverly, Keith Sweat, El Debarge, and Ruben Studdard and on the wings of recording label, Rush America, their EP was released in 2012. With the success of popular tracks such as “Soft Love” and “Every Thing” on their coattails, Epic 92 is proud to present their upcoming album, Atlanta Lights.

“Atlanta Lights is when you reach the level of that pinnacle in your life – for when you’ve reached the point where you are [essentially] living your dreams and stepping through that boundary to go to the next highest level,” Xanthe shared.

The allure of Atlanta Lights is its skillful balance of raw, honest emotion with seeds of encouragement and the infinite possibility for love to conquer all. “As we go about the business of living life, drama happens,” says Xanthe. “Having trouble with your man, your job. All of that. Life can get messy. But it’s about something bigger than just the drama. We know our fans. The people that deal with serious problems every day. Our songs speak to people and try to help them to get through their issues.”

In addition to releasing their new album, Epic 92 is also in the midst of putting together a variety show, Soft Love Happy Hour, set to make its television debut on the CW in the fall and will showcase a song from the album on each episode. This modern day Sonny and Cher not only enjoy a great professional relationship, this year marks their 20th year anniversary as a couple. To add even more fuel to the excitement, Xanthe and K-Tabbs are expanding their musical expertise to the realm of cinema by serving as music supervisors for three film projects in Los Angeles.

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