By Briget Boyd

Luxury living is as much a state of mind as it is a state of being. It can be achieved by simply reflecting on a childhood memory of a special place, having an interest in a particular time period, or being inspired by a culture. When transforming your living space into a luxury space, choose what you love, gravitate towards objects, styles, colors, and textures that bring you happiness, peace, and joy. When you surround yourself with beautiful things, they will inevitably find a way to merge into a harmonious existence – laying the foundation for a luxurious living space.

STYLE TIP #1 – Start by wrapping the space in a color that you like, or find soothing, comforting, etc. This can depend on how you want to feel in that particular space, or whatever its intended use. Wrapping the room generally refers to applying color to walls, and ceiling. The point is that there are a myriad of shades for one particular color, so don’t worry if a color you like may seem unconventional . . . undoubtedly it is represented in a shade or tone to match your needs/desires.

STYLE TIP #2 – Take your inspiration from the world around you. Your personal experiences are the best references for design direction. Most artists – from designers to sculptors – find inspiration in nature and from their surroundings. Think of your living space as your canvass and then allow yourself to create!

STYLE TIP #3 – Let your personal style provide the direction of your design aesthetic. Remember, your home/living space is a reflection of who you are. Are you classic and tailored? Do you gravitate toward neutrals? If so, you’ll want to choose primary furnishings, (sofa, lounge chairs, etc.), in the same styles or colors. You can enhance the look with deeper shades and tones of neutrals, or add interest with accents of bolder colors.

If you have a busy and informal lifestyle look for pieces in soft, supple textures that lend themselves to a comfortable and relaxed setting, conveying a warm at-home feeling for quiet evenings or casual entertaining.

Do you have a deep respect for and appreciation of nature? Convey your “green” sensibility through everything from eco- furnishings to artwork.

Having a clear and deep understanding of your preferences, your taste and a vision of the space you want to live in is the first step on your pathway to luxury living!


Briget Boyd, President and Principal Designer of BBID, a Los Angeles based interior designer, has been in the design industry for over 15 years. She studied at UCLA’s School of Interior and Environmental Design and has designed commercial and residential interiors throughout Southern California from Calabasas to Newport Beach. Her design approach is based on combining classic, simple lines, with sensual textures, and shapes, to infuse her interiors with intelligence and timeless sensibility.
Briget Boyd is the Style Editor for Wiles Magazine. For more expert design tips, you may reach her at style@wilesmag.com.

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