Tips for a Stress-free Holiday Season



By Beverly Calero


You’ve got your list, but have you really checked it twice?  No, we don’t mean your shopping list. We mean your list of essential tips to ensure that this will be your most stress-free holiday season, ever!

Holiday shopping and holiday cooking and holiday parties to plan, oh my! How will you ever find a way to tackle the stress while also enjoying the moments alongside your loved ones?   Use these tips to help make the holidays memorable and stress-free:



1)    Plan accordingly. Prioritize your activities, set aside days for cooking, baking, cleaning, shopping. Set time aside for events with family and friends, so that you know what needs to be done before you can sit down and unwind.

2)    Create a Budget. Give yourself a couple of days before the holidays start to create a budget that will help you keep on track. This will help you plan for gifts, entertaining expenses such as food and beverages, trips that you’re planning on taking during the holiday season. This way you’ll avoid overspending and those guilty feelings associated with depleting your bank account.

3)    Acknowledge the situation. The holidays are always filled with high expectations as to how they should play out, but it’s important to stay realistic and acknowledge that everything is not always going to run smoothly. Set aside differences with family and friends and realize that they can be suffering from the holiday stresses as well. Stay open to changes in your plans, this will help you better deal with situations when or if they go awry.

4)    Just say “No.” It’s okay to say NO. Usually during the holidays we want to please everyone else and leave ourselves for last, and this can quickly take its toll on us. It’s okay if you can’t attend every party or participate in every holiday project. Choose the events which you know you really do want to attend and kindly decline others. Friends, family, co-workers will understand that you can’t be everywhere at once.

 5)    Take some time “off.” The holidays are overwhelming so take a couple of minutes to spend time alone and gather your thoughts. Go on a jog, listen to your favorite music, treat yourself to your favorite dish, the point is do something that will bring a moment of peace and allow you to recharge for the upcoming day or event.

The holidays are stressful but don’t forget what they are truly about. Enjoy yourself and enjoy the company of others. It’s an opportunity for everyone to come together and be thankful for  the blessings that have come their way.

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