The Lost Warhols

Set in the intimate space of Teddy’s of the Roosevelt Hotel, Andy Warhol’s name and vision continues to live on and inspire others. Photographer Karen Bystedt recently rocked the pop culture world with a stunning exhibit of images of Warhol that were previously thought to be lost.

More than 30 years ago, Andy posed for these photographs which have remained hidden from the public eye until now. Bystedt had considered them lost until she stumbled upon the negatives in an old, dusty, box in the garage of her LA home. To her surprise, the negatives of the shots – originally taken in black and white – were wonderfully intact.

To add more allure and keep in touch with Andy’s adventurous spirit, Bystedt teamed up with mixed media artists such as Peter Tunney and Tonia Calderon to add vibrant accents to Warhol and finally presenting rich, images of the pop artist himself.

More than half of the time, Warhol is featured in black and white stills but to see him in color was strange yet very provocative. A new side of Andy was captured by Bystedt and no doubt he would greatly approve.



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