PURSE STRINGS – A Salute to Women In The Military


By Wiles Magazine

2000s USA

As part of our efforts this month to honor working women, everywhere,  Wiles Magazine is particularly proud to salute women who have made protecting and serving their country their career of choice!  So, just how many women are currently serving in the U.S. military?

Current studies show:

Approximately 76,193 women are currently serving in the Army.

15,257 women are proud to be Marines.

The U.S. Navy boasts roughly 52,546 women among its ranks.

The Air Force is proud to have 64,275 in its service.

And don’t forget the Coast Guard, which counts nearly 5,552 women among its elite.

This proud legacy of military service from women dates back to the American Revolution and, as you’ll see in this brief tributary video, women have served the United States honorably in every battle and in every conflict throughout history.

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