Marshall Partners Women’s Halston Heritage Boutique Event

On September 18th Wiles attended Marshall Partners Women’s Event at the Halston Heritage Boutique located in one of Los Angeles’ premier shopping centers – the Beverly Center.


A night filled with smiling faces and clicking heels, the event offered a delightful blend of networking and retail therapy. Marshall Partners is an esteemed membership organization of University of Southern California’s Marshall School of Business open to students, faculty, and alumni of Marshall and the Leventhal School of Accounting.


As one the most sought after global business networks, the Marshall Trojan Family keeps its members both motivated and fulfilled as apart of a learning community that seeks to build business and foster value in the world. The Partners host various social gatherings and events in order to provide its members with prime networking opportunities and the chance to share in the company of other ambitious associates.


The event was the first all-female Marshall Partners’ soiree and presented a terrific networking opportunity for driven and successful women. The event was hosted at Halston Heritage- a boutiques featuring the luxurious American fashion label known for its minimalistic silhouettes, comfortable fabrics and unsurpassed quality. During the 1970’s, Halston was a favorite among many notable figures including style icons Jackie Kennedy and Dame Elizabeth Taylor and, more recently, has been worn by contemporary stars such as Lady Gaga and Kerry Washington. The Los Angeles boutique’s style, elegance and charm well reflected the aura of the evening. The large and aesthetically pleasing boutique features floor-to-ceiling abstract watercolor fashion paintings and a clothing setup that truly tells a story with the categorization of certain styles and color schemes strategically placed. The Halston experience was brought to life by moving models who showcased some of the signature silhouettes and fashion-forward pieces throughout the evening.


Guests were treated to hors d’oeuvres, champagne, personal styling, one night gift certificates and a chance to win a beautiful genuine Italian leather tote. Gracing the evening was a very important guest and only man amongst the pool of estrogen, Chairman and CEO of Halston, Ben Malka. 


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