Goody Good Stuff Now Available in US!

All-Natural Gummy Candy Available at 7–Eleven® Stores Nationwide

United States – Goody Good Stuff is excited to announce that their line of all-natural gummy candy is now available for purchase in the United States at 7-Eleven® stores nationwide.  Having appeared in O, The Oprah Magazine, Goody Good Stuff offers the highest quality blend of ingredients including natural fruit juices and extracts and are vegetarian, fat-free, meat-free, dairy-free, nut-free and Halal and Kosher certified.   

Goody Good Stuff candies have received rave reviews from customers including: “A triumph and a delight! These vegetarian gummies are sheer masterpieces of confectioneries!” and “Just discovered your sweets- they taste more natural than other veggie sweets I have tried.”  With the most common review being that customers are enjoying that these all-natural candies are gelatin-free.  

Even stated “I’m a sucker for sour candy (I can’t go to the movies without a bag of Sour Patch Kids), so the Sour Mix & Match flavor is a personal favorite-they taste practically the same”. The editor went on to include, “The just-like-the-real-thing texture combined with the fun flavors of these jellies can’t be beat. But most important, we like that they’re made from plants—and that they don’t have crazy artificial food dyes or flavors”.

 “Goody Good Stuff has only been available for purchase online for those in the United States.  We’re excited for this partnership with 7-Eleven® which not only gives us the opportunity to create more awareness of our line, but introduce a delicious vegetarian and vegan candy to fellow-Americans,” commented Melissa Burton, Goody Good Stuff Managing Director.    

 Goody Good Stuff is available in delicious flavors including Strawberry Cream, Cheery Cherries, Tropical Fruit, Koala Gummy Bears, Cola Breeze, Summer Peaches, Sour Mix & Match and Sour Fruit Salad. Strawberry Cream, Cheery Cherries, Tropical Fruit, and Koala Gummy Bears are vegetarian where Cola Breeze, Summer Peaches, Sour Mix & Match and Sour Fruit Salad are all vegan. 

 Not just for those with a sweet tooth and according to another fan, Goody Good Stuff gummies are a great high-energy food for long distance endurance events.

 Vegetarians, vegans and those with a sweet tooth who would like more information on Goody Good Stuff can do so online at

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