Health & Wellness: Fall Into Tea


By Beverly Calero

It’s that time of year, again: grab the scarves, sweaters, mittens and mufflers. The days are getting shorter and the nights are growing colder. As we search our grocery store aisles for hot chocolate and pumpkin anything to keep us warm, it’s easy to reach for calore-laden comfort drinks as a first resort. But most of us have something in our cupboards that will not only keep us warm, but will also contribute to our health: TEA!

In addition to having a very low calorie count,tea offers many health benefits, including: weight loss, lower cholesterol, mental alertness, lower anxiety and aids in the prevention of heart disease and diabetes. What gives teas their super powers? Well, the answer to that is that tea is packed with antioxidants called flavonoids which help against free radicals that attack our bodies. These antioxidants derive from the Camellia sinensis plant – a shrub native to China and India. Teas also have theanine and caffeine which can serve as a healthier alternative to coffee. Take a look at some of our favorite health-boosting teas to add to your grocery shopping list:


Green tea: A popular tea known for its high levels of ECGC, which has been linked to help with different types of cancers including breast, lung and stomach cancer. Studies show that green tea burns fat, helps reduce stress and improves cholesterol levels.

Black tea: Studies show that black tea can help reduce the risk of a stroke and might even prevent diabetes.

White tea: This tea can be a part of your beauty regimen since studies show that it reduces the signs of wrinkles. It can also help promote weight loss and has potent properties that help protect against colon cancer.

Chamomile: This tea has been shown to prevent loss of vision and in some cases nerve damage.

Valerian Root tea: Studies show that it is this is a safe, natural alternative to pharmaceutical sleep aids. Its natural properties work like a sedative to help give you the rest you need.

Passionflower tea: This tea’s properties have shown to reduce anxiety and stress levels – especially when we find that we are obsessing over a specific subject.

This fall, take time for tea – a natural comfort drink that is good and, most importantly, good for you!

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