Shopping for a millionaire boyfriend this Cyber Monday? You may want to get a life, first.

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They’re wealthy, wildly successful, own two vacation homes and have an advanced career. It seems that there would be an endless source of dates with beautiful women.

This is most certainly true.

But are they the right women for these male millionaires? Looking at online dating behavior and attitudes reveals some counter-intuitive results. It’s not all about the beauty for these successful and affluent online daters.

It turns out that millionaire respondents in our latest survey of 1,250 random respondents claimed to select dates based on interests, hobbies and passions over money, career success or beautiful profile pics.

In November, surveyed a random 1,250 millionaire members to get a better understanding of dating habits and attitudes. The results were a bit surprising: Only 22.2% cited “beautiful profile pics” as the most important preference in reaching out to online daters.

Note to Females: Passion Plays

This result seems to shatter the stereotype that millionaire men are exclusively interested in shallow, beautiful women. 82.6% say they prefer women with at least one “hobby or passion” in their lives over profiles with no mention of any interests or hobbies at all.

One respondent said: “I already have money and success. I want a woman who wants to live life to the fullest, to have a life outside of spending money.”” Another said: “”All my money and luxury won’t make my wife any more interesting; she needs to do that on her own.””

Note to Females: Hobbies and Career Trump Beauty

A full 45.6% identified hobbies, interests and passion in female online profiles as the most important factor in reaching out; 32.2% cited career and success; and only 22.2% cited beautiful profile pics as the primary motivator to make a connection.

Of those hobbies mentioned, nearly 50% mentioned sports and outdoor activities as the favored interests; 23.5% mentioned philanthropic projects; while 26.5% mentioned reading, art and intellectual activities.”

When it comes to these millionaire men looking to connect online, they are looking for the whole package. So, ladies, better start bragging about your passion for sports and outdoor activities, art museums and non-profit work that seems to draw more than sexy profile pics or the size of your bank account.

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