A Couture inspiration for the new movie

by Parfums Givenchy

Directed by Hellohikimori™ studio

“Le Rouge”: a bewitching object of desire…


There are few expressions of love that are more powerful, passion and intimate than a kiss. And what can be more enticing than a pair of kissable lips smoothly swathed in rich, luxurious red? If you’re looking for the perfect pucker touch to set your Valentine’s heart aflame this month, look no further.

With the recent launch of its new lipstick line simply called “Le Rouge,” Parfums Givenchy released an original movie imagined and directed by creation studio Hellohikimori™. Deep, captivating, this visual creation is an extension to the couture brand’s artistic director Riccardo Tisci’s dark poetic universe.


A magnetic visual impact for an extraordinary Rouge:

To make a strong impression on the lipstick “Le Rouge” launch, Parfums Givenchy chose Paris-based creation studio Hellohikimori™ whose aesthetic influences and sensibility are close to Tisci’s.

“Le Rouge” captures the actual Maison’s spirit: adorned with a luxurious leather sleeve, its metallic mechanic is inspired by the stud, being a Couture detail precious to the Givenchy brand. The movie accurately represents a kind of allegory while capitalizing on its strong aesthetic features.

Just like a mirror game, the leather dress on the model represents the lipstick case, while the 3D images enhance its shape, as well as the stud’s. The variations of the grey shades reveal “Le Rouge”’s radiance and the magnified textures: skin, leather or yet metal are honored here thanks to the very geometrical and graphic images, which are definitely HKI™studio’s trademark.

For Parfums Givenchy’s Digital project manager, Benoît Cuisinier, this collaboration was obvious :

“We were immediately convinced by studio Hellohikimori™’s touch. Their precise, bespoke and yet bold artistic direction totally matches the actual spirit of the brand, inspired by Riccardo Tisci.”

David Ronhel, co-founder of Hellohikimori™ underlines :

“We are very proud of this collaboration with Parfums Givenchy : we share a common sensibility with Riccardo Tisci’s work, which is both inspiring and deeply stimulating. We wanted to bring “Le Rouge” alive by staging it in the dark atmosphere it brings out. We focused on the texture sets, graphic lines and colorimetry in this movie, whose style ends up matching perfectly with ours.”

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