In partnership with the Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art, Wiles Magazine is proud to present “Classic Street – a film series curated in 2 parts.  The series offers short films and rare footage from the early 1980’s including interviews with the famed Fun Gallery’s Patti Astor and New York street art legends and pioneers like Blade,  Maze, a pre-MTV Fab 5 Freddy and a young emerging superstar named Jean-Michel Basquiat.

Classic Street Art Part 1 is a brief trailer that establishes the hip hop, break dancing and street culture from which the street art form of graffiti emerged:

Classic Street Art Part 2 includes films from the 1980s by Henry Chalfant, Manny Kirchheimer, Marc Miller and Paul Tschinkel, as well as  a musical short by Charlie Ahearn from 2010. Click on the titles at the end of the trailer to play:
From Here to Canarsie by Henry Chalfant, presented with an exclusive introduction by the director

Stations of the Elevated by Manny Kirchheimer, presented with an exclusive introduction by the director

GRAFFITI/POST GRAFFITI & Jean-Michel Basquiat Segments by Marc Miller and Paul Tschinkel, as presented at the Art in the Streets exhibition, FUN Gallery

All City: Take It To the Bridge by Charlie Ahearn, introduced by the director

Special thanks to Jennifer McCormack and the entire MOCA team. For more information about Classic Street Art and the Museum of Contemporary Art, please visit:

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