By Drew Dorsey

Do you have a dream that you aspire to achieve? Oftentimes, self-doubt prevents us from achieving the goals we set in life. Lack of discipline and fear are also powerful forces that can impede our paths to success.


In her new book YES MAM! Your Muscle As A Motivator, celebrity fitness trainer Nicole Chaplin explores some of the factors that can keep us from reaching our full potential and lends words of wisdom regarding the power of the mind and spirit to turn dreams into reality.


At first glance, it may appear that YES MAM! Your Muscle As A Motivator is a book about exercise, but nothing could be further from the case. Connecting the major muscles to motivational philosophies, Chaplin uses the muscles of the body and their functions as metaphors for how to fight factors such as stress, fear and insecurities.


This inspirational page-turner is filled with useful advice on how to take control of your life, not letting unfortunate circumstances or negativity dictate your future. Chaplin emphasizes that everyone has the power to turn aspirations into reality.


Oftentimes people are faced with obstacles and become depressed or intimidated because they feel as though the outcome is out of their control, but this is where many are mistaken. You may be surprised how great an impact positive thinking, ambition, and belief can have on your life. It is all about developing a routine that motivates and keeps you on track. Learning to train your mind and body to isolate your goal and then execute it consists of a different routine for everyone, but is certainly effective. Along with her own advice, Chaplin includes numerous motivational quotes that speak volumes.


“I cheated on my fears, broke up with my doubts, got engaged to my faith and now I’m marrying my dreams” –unknown


In addition to advice on how to control your own destiny, Chaplin also shares her own personal story about struggles and events in her life that taught her.


“Your heart contains your desires and is strong enough to assist you in making your dreams come true as long as you persist in feeding your dreams with your actions.”  Chaplin’s story is nothing short of inspirational and is a prime example of someone who struggled through hard times, but chose to do something about it and change her destiny.


Chaplin’s book is destined to resonate with audiences from every cross-section of society.  After all, we each have moments of doubt, but once we train our minds and bodies to relax and take control, we discover that intimidating exterior forces have little power when up against the insurmountable force of  positive thinking.


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