In honor of the month of June, Wiles is taking a moment to shout-out some of our favorite TV Dads. Check out our list below!



10. JOHN ROSS “JOCK” EWING, SR – In his role as the patriarch of the infamous and dysfunctional Ewing family on the prime time soap Dallas, the late Jim Davis was both strong and loving enough to stir even the emotions of his ever-scheming namesake J.R.! (Photo courtesy of Warner Brothers)





9. JAMES EVANS – Esther Rolle famously fought for a husband and father for her television children when network executives initially scripted her character, Florida Evans, as a single mother.  Her exclamation of “Damn, damn, damn!” upon learning of his television death marked the end of an era on “Good Times” and, while the show did go on without him, it was never quite the same.





8. ANDY GRIFFITH – He may have been the law in Mayberry, but at home, Andy Griffith was a loveable, kind, easygoing father to his young son Opie. His homespun parenting and personality endeared Sherriff Taylor to generations of viewers who, thanks to TV Land, continue to cherish him to this day. (Photo courtesy of greenobles.com)






7. JIM ANDERSON – The title of the show, “Father Knows Best” – essentially says it all, doesn’t it?  Paired with his common-sense wife played by Jane Wyatt, veteran actor Robert Young carefully shepherded the series from its beginnings as a radio show through its transition into the hearts of television audiences. (Photo courtesy of imdb.com)




6. FRED SANFORD – Redd Foxx split audiences’ sides for years in his role as this cantankerous, yet loveable, junkyard king.  His never-ending antics abounding – including the famous “Elizabeth, I’m coming to join you, honey”  fake heart attacks firmly solidified his spot in television history’s annals. (Photo courtesy of sitcomsonline.com)





5.  BEN CARTWRIGHT – The western classic series “Bonanza” chronicled the adventures of benevolent Ben Cartwright and his sturdy three sons. (Photo courtesy of moviemarket.com)





4. MARTIN CRANE – As the loveable, mischievous, down-to-earth father of persnickety progeny Frasier and Niles Crane, John Mahoney brought levity and simplistic humor to a world often overly complicated by his sophisticated sons. (Photo courtesy of rankopedia.com)





3. TONY SOPRANO – Despite the hustles, the hits, and the endless parade of goomahs (mistresses), there is one thing that one never dared to question this mob boss about, and that was his unwavering love for his children. (Photo courtesy of tvfanatic.com)






2. CHARLES INGALLS – Known affectionately as “Pa,” Michael Landon served up, each week, a healthy dose of love, charity and goodwill toward all mankind in the long-running classic period series “Little House on the Prairie.” (Photo courtesy of littlehouse.wikia.org)






1. HEATHCLIFF HUXTABLE – When “The Cosby Show” premiered on NBC, it ushered in the era formerly known as “Must See TV.” In one fell swoop, family-friendly actor/comedian Bill Cosby shined the spotlight on the lives of a segment of the American population that had never been showcased before: educated middle class families of color led by a fun, precocious, loving patriarch. (Photo courtesy of nickatnite.com)



Did your favorite prime time Papa make our list?  If not, please “Join the Conversation” and sound off on who you think deserves Papa props!


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