By Drew Allen


So, if something in your body feels out of whack, you go to the doctor to have everything checked out, right? And once the doctor takes your temperature, checks your blood pressure and a few other vital signs, you’ll either find out that you’re in good health, or you’ll get a prescription to get you back in tip top shape.

The same can be said about relationships. There are certain key indicators that are, in my opinion, pretty foolproof in gauging whether you and your mate are sailing together or drifting apart.   It’s not exactly rocket science, but playing close attention to some of these “vital signs” can lend a big hand in making sure your relationship remains as healthy as possible.

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YOU’RE ALL I NEED TO GET BY… When you and your man suddenly find yourselves talking about the future together, it’s a sure sign that he’s not only a keeper, but he’s committed to sticking with you for the long haul.  If, on the other hand, your man can’t stick to any plans beyond the night or, if you’re lucky, breakfast the next morning, it’s a sure sign that, in the words of T.I., shortly after he’s felt your space, he’ll probably forget your face.


GIVING YOU THE BEST THAT I’VE GOT… In an ideal relationship, there is no selfishness whatsoever. You know that your relationship is booming at its peak when you take as much, if not more, pleasure in giving to your mate than you do in receiving from them.  The trick, though, is to make sure they’re giving as much as you’re giving.  If you’re both focused on pleasing each other, than you’ll both, likely, end up being pleased!


MY FUNNY VALENTINE… You’ve heard it said before, but laughter truly is the best medicine. Wherever laughter is present, there’s joy.  Research even shows that laughter can actually reduce stress and boost your immune system. Your ability to make each other laugh will not only add another layer of intimacy to your relationship, it will also deepen your friendship.  Love is one thing, but it’s almost impossible to walk away from someone who you truly like.


SEXUAL HEALING…Okay, so you knew this was going to be on the list, right?  The sad reality is, when things aren’t going well in a relationship, sex is usually the first thing to go right out the window.  Only you and your mate will know exactly how you define good sex.  But the point is, if you’re really interested in keeping your love and passion in shape, then the best way to do it may be by “playing doctor” – literally.


Unfortunately, neither I nor any other love doctor can write you a prescription for a perfect relationship. But I can tell you that making the health of your relationship a priority is an excellent start.  I also recommend getting regular check- ups to make sure your romantic “vital signs” are in order.  Like they say, early detection is the best way to prevent an illness from turning into a disease that can ultimately destroy you.

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