As the United States presses toward the Presidential election this coming November, everyone from Wall Street to Main Street is debating which candidate will best cure the nation’s ills.

San Francisco-based spray pain artist Chor Boogie lends his creative voice to this debate in his provocative, groundbreaking six piece collection “The Divided States of America.”

Commissioned by scientist, inventor, and entrepreneur, Dr. Nirmal Mulye, highlights the tension between the broken pieces of an ideologically fractured America.  Taking on issues such as immigration, racism, religion and more, the collection not only raises questions about the fundamental issues that divide the nation, but also seeks to foster thoughtful discussion about how to put the pieces of America back together.


“The Divided State Of America” made its national debut at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte where it was lauded by critics and the public as “groundbreaking,” “powerful,” “disturbing,” “provocative,” “impactful,” “inspiring,”  “timely,” and “controversial!”


Wiles Magazine caught up with the series when it made a three-day stop in Los Angeles at the Broadway International Film Festival ( September 20-23rd .  The exhibit will continue to travel the country through the November election.  For more information regarding The Divided State Of America and to find out when it will be coming to a location near you, please visit:,,


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