Socialite Spotlight: Keisha Wright

Beauty girl problems – everyone has one and for Swoon creator Keisha Wright, the struggle to get all of the lip gloss out of her favorite lip gloss tubes was beauty enemy number one. A self-proclaimed lip gloss lover, Wright was frustrated by having to unsafely scoop or toss countless tubes of not quite empty lip gloss into the trash each month because the lip gloss wands never reached the bottom portion of the tube – until now. Wright created Swoon – a brand new beauty tool that is part spoon and part applicator – that allows makeup wearers everywhere to finally use every ounce of their lip gloss.


“No matter the lip gloss brand, the applicator never reached to the bottom of the tube,” revealed a frustrated Wright. “Even though I couldn’t use them, I would keep every tube that had gloss inside because I hate to waste money.” So she created Swoon, a patent pending universal lip gloss applicator wand that reaches all angles of a gloss tube.  “I am introducing Swoon so that millions of lip gloss lovers can say goodbye to lost gloss”, says Wright.


Keisha Wright is a Marketing Executive in New York City, with over 10 years experience creating promotional platforms and campaigns for billion dollar brands.  An expert brand strategist, Keisha has generated millions of dollars in revenue for Fortune 500 companies through the creation of strategic alliances with well-known consumer brands.  She is a former youth trendspotter and frequently contributed to trade publications on the topic of youth trends.  Keisha has worked for Macy’s, the NBA, Teen People and MTV Networks, helping them to create and launch multi-platform marketing campaigns, inclusive of cause marketing initiatives, immersive events and grassroots experiences which bring brands to life.


In addition to being an entrepreneur, Keisha is a founding member of the advisory board of iDEFINE, a youth development foundation that provides mentoring services to teenaged girls.  She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Stanford University and a Master’s Degree in Education from Pepperdine University.  Keisha currently resides in New Jersey with her husband and six year-old son.


Swoon will retail for $12 on in Spring 2013.




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