Did you know that, between the ages of 18-65, the average American will spend nearly 98,000 hours at work? With so much of our lives being consumed by our livelihoods, it’s not only critical to enjoy what you do – it’s essential to ensure that what you do is actually good for you.


We’re all familiar with jobs offering “health benefits” as part of the compensation package. But check out this list of 5 careers whose benefits are actually a by-product of the work, itself.


Florist/Gardening – Gardening has been lauded for years as having therapeutic benefits such as reducing stress, so it’s no wonder that a profession literally rooted in nature would be good for one’s health!





Massage Therapist – The calming environment of massage parlors and high-end spas creates a workspace that is brimming with tranquility. Spending the majority of your time in a virtually stress-free space is definitely a great way to stay Zen and refreshed throughout the work week!




Nutritionist– Without question, proper nutrition is essential to maintaining good physical health. As a nutrition expert, it’s a natural assumption that you would ultimately practice what you preach!






Professor – There are several reasons why being a professor can be good for your health. First, most people who actually become professors are extremely passionate about the subjects they teach. Second, academia is an arena that is stimulating and collaborative – which can be satisfying both emotionally and intellectually. And, it probably doesn’t hurt to have holidays and summers off to enjoy plenty of well-deserved down time!



Fitness Instructor – Being fit for a living is not only healthy for your wallet, but the residual benefits you’ll enjoy, physically, make  a career in fitness not only a job, but also make it a lifestyle. Regular exercise gives us an energy boost, helps increase the quality of sleep we get at night and greatly enhances our stamina throughout the day.   The emotional benefits from exercise are just as real and critical, because, particularly as women, when we look good, we feel better about ourselves.


If you’re looking for a career change, in addition to considering your salary requirements and opportunities for advancement, take a moment to remember that your greatest investment in your success begins with investing in yourself!

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