From high fashion to high tech and everywhere in between, check out 10 of the hottest female entrepreneurs who are holding and pulling some serious Purse Strings!



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Shivani Siroya, Founder & CEO – InVenture Fund
Shivani is the CEO and founder of InVenture Fund, “a p2p online micro-venture capital fund that connects investors to socially responsible business owners in under-served communities.” 



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Tiffani Ashley Bell, Founder & CEO – Pencil You In
Rails developer Tiffani Ashley Bell launched Pencil You In, a best practices online appointment book for beauty professionals that allows hairstylists and makeup artists to accept appointments online.




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Rachel Brooks (Co-Founder, Citizen Made)
Designer  Rachel Brooks co-founded Citizen Made, a software platform that enhances and personalizes the e-commerce shopping experience by allowing consumers to customize and live-render their own individually designed versions of their purchased products on the web.  



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Angela Benton (Co-Founder, NewMe Accelerator & Publisher, Black Web 2.0)
Internet entrepreneur Angela Benton co-founded the NewMe Accelerator to educate, accelerate and empower underrepresented tech entrepreneurs around the world. In addition, she co-founded and runs Black Web 2.0 – a site that monitors trends and news relevant to the African American tech community .  


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Amanda McClure (Co-Founder & President, Kairos)
After cutting her teeth at innovation giant Apple, Amanda McClure co-founded Kairos, a suite of software tools to help retail and service companies manage their employees’ schedules using facial recognition and augmented reality technology. 


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Cher Wang (Founder & Chairman, HTC)
Named by Ezinemark as one of the most influential women in technology, Cher Wang is the Co-Founder and Chaiperson of Taiwanese smartphones manufacturer HTC (High Tech Computer Corporation).   




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Prerna Gupta (Co-Founder & CEO, Khush)
Prerna Gupta co-founded Khush in 2009 to develop intelligent music apps and led her startup to profitability. 



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Jennifer Hyman (Co-Founder & CEO, Rent The Runway)
As a Harvard Business School student, Jennifer Hyman conceived the idea for Rent The Runway, an online service that offers shoppers an opportunity to rent high-fashion clothing from the hottest designers for every occasion.  




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Anne Bahr, CEO – PetRays
Through her company PetRays, Anne Bahr helps veterinarians to improve the efficiency of animal healthcare.





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Veronica Edwards, President and CEOIn Genesis Diversified Healthcare Solutions

Veronica Edwards is the President and CEO of the San Antonio, Texas-based telecommunications staffing company, InGenesis Diversified Healthcare Solutions.


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