5 Wardrobe Essentials for Every Woman’s Closet

By Drew Allen

If you routinely peruse the pages of women’s magazines in search of wardrobe essentials and tips about clothing “guaranteed to drive your man wild,” then I’m glad you’re reading this.  Because, chances are, you’ve been getting advice that is all wrong.

Of course, every woman should own a sexy little black dress and an outfit that is tasteful and respectable enough for me to take you home to meet Mom, in.  But, if you’re hoping to someday add a wedding dress to your closet, you may want to pack your dresser drawers full of these items, first.  I know some people learn best with visual aids, so please check out the video exhibits I’ve included with each example below.


ESSENTIAL #1 – BALL CAPS – Sometimes less is , and at no time is that more true than when you’re dressed down and chilling. Janet Jackson made ball caps on women sexy and feminine in the 90’s, and that look has been driving us fellas wild ever since.

ESSENTIAL  #2 – BOY SHORTS – The way they are cut low on the waist and around the butt makes them just long enough to spark our imagination.  It’s not surprising, then, that boy shorts were mandatory parts of the uniform in Drake’s video for his hit song “Best I Ever Had.”

ESSENTIAL #3 – MEN’S CLOTHES – You probably already know that we like it when you put on our shirts and walk around the house in them. But in this video from the Material Girl, Madonna illustrates how your femininity contrasted with a men’s suit can be powerful and sexy.

ESSENTIAL #4 – WHITE PANTS. It’s a well known fact among men that most women look extremely hot in cool white pants.  Exhibit A – Jennifer Lopez in her breakout video “If You Had My Love.”  In both baggy pants and form-fitting ones, she’s equally hot to her voyeur love interest.


ESSENTIAL # 5 – THONGS. It should come as no surprise that men like lingerie, in general, and sexy push-up bras especially. But Sisqo’s 2000 anthem to this item should let you know just how high you should prioritize the thong on your list – which is why I saved the best for last on my list!

The main lesson to take away from this list is that all of these items represent sex appeal to men in one way or another.  And no, you don’t have to be a Janet Jackson or a J-Lo to pull them off. You’ll score points with your man just for making the effort to turn him on. So keep these items in mind the next time you head to the mall to shop for something to really wow him in.

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