Wiles Magazine first met and fell in love with make-up maestro Napoleon Perdis at LA Fashion Week.  Check out the gorgeous looks Napoleon Perdis and his creative team produced at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia for Carl Kapp, Christopher Esber and Akira.

Their statement-making looks ranged from androgynous beauty at Carl Kapp to ethereal romance at Akira, proving that masculine and feminine elements can be equally alluring on the catwalk.



Inspiration: Contrasts that complement. Think Helmut Newton and the way he flirted with strong masculine and feminine elements; the way he pitted them against each other to create a perfectly dangerous harmony

Mood: A dash of androgyny, lashings of inner strength.

Napoleon Says: “The makeup here is kept super soft to balance the blunt force of the hair. Features are subtly enhanced by contouring with stains and creams; it’s about maximizing the bone structure. Coverage was applied only where needed to let the real skin shine through. The result: a parade of gorgeously handsome women!






Inspiration: The beautiful assassin. Strong, athletic and powerful in a feminine way.

Mood: Healthy and clean – but with a deadly edge. Think Uma Thurman in Gattaca. Skin has that almost sweat-like sheen from working out.

Napoleon Says:”I wanted the girls to look worn-in and slightly out of focus but in a fresh way. Skin is luminous and sheer with a soft natural flush to the cheek. The color palette is skinspired – I used shades of taupes, soft pinks, and creams to accentuate the tones that occur within the skin already. The eye is finished with a mirrored effect courtesy of my Lip Lacquer in Clearly Glam.”





Inspiration: The romance of well-loved garments, losing oneself in the feel of a fabric. Eastern traditions that celebrate a harmony of the inner journey.

Mood: Timeless femininity and angelic grace.

Napoleon says: “There are so many fun, beautiful elements at play here. The glitter eye is just divine, soft and feminine, perfect not just for a bride but for any day you want to feel like a goddess. And then there’s the amazing
aquamarine which provides a fab, summery take on the traditional cat’s eye. Take your pick!”






Inspiration: The rich memories of treasured childhood possessions. Luxe colors and beautiful textures; it’s all about the finish.

Mood: Sophisticated, vivacious and achingly cool.

Napoleon says:  “I love the balance of the playful eyes with the more mature matte natural lip. It’s their lips – but better! The Ellery girls are the epitome of cool – in a very effortless way. I used individual lashes on the outer corners of the eye to add a cute little kick, the way Japanese girls like to wear them. Camera Finish Powder was lightly dusted over the skin to set the makeup and give it a lovely velvety-radiant finish, like she’s beaming from within”.





Inspiration:  All things aquatic. The colors, circular formulations and textures of the makeup are all associated with the collection’s ultimate muse: the stingray.

Mood: Modern and summery. Feminine and pretty with a slightly uncomfortable edge. Her skin has color and is slightly sunburned, offsetting the striking acid lip.

Napoleon says:  “I liken this look to a futuristic Mermaid. She is slightly sunburned, but in this context, it works! Contours are curved and soft, not angular and hard. To get the sun-kissed look, we worked cream textures into the temples and forehead and then added powder to subtly mattify the skin. The brows are strong and
polished. The acid yellow lip is a standout. We custom blended China Doll Gel Eyeliner in Alabaster with Loose Eye Dust in Proud Peacock to create the bespoke neon matte shade.”




Inspiration: An ethereal beauty emerging from her birthplace of an almost frozen lake, she is protected (and dressed) by nature and the elements. She is an aura.

Mood: Natural and spiritual but not fragile. She rises from the water, dewy, glistening. A subtle silver sheen across the eyelids represents the frost from the snow and the glossy lip, the fresh, cold lake water.

Napoleon Says: “I incorporated the elements of sun, water, ice and wind into this look; I wanted it to be other-worldly yet still full of life. Skin is polished, dewy and sun-kissed, the lid is slightly frosted in tones of silver and pearl using China Doll Gel Liner in Silver and the lip has been touched by the cold lake water – reminiscent of melting ice.”



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