By Francesca Merced

New Year’s Eve is one of my favorite nights of the year because it’s filled with possibilities!   On the one hand, you can glam it up at a splashy cocktail affair, or, if you prefer, you can tone it all the way down and bring the New Year in with a cup of sexiness made just for two.

If your New Year’s plans include cuddling with “The One” you’d like to kiss at midnight, here are some ideas to make it fun, sexy and oh-so-memorable.


MAKE IT TASTY. Cooking together can be a lot of fun, and delving into a new recipe can add both spice and adventure to your night. A dish you can cook then nibble on throughout the night is ideal and will keep you out of the kitchen when the big moment at midnight arrives!


DIM IT DOWN. Set the tone with subtle lighting. Whether candlelight, holiday lights or even the sparkle of a crackling fire, turn your lights down low and let the spark of your loving flame illuminate the room.


CUTE IT UP.  Just because you decide to stay at home doesn’t mean you should look frumpy.  You’d be surprised how far a fashionable sweat suit or some cute-yet-comfy PJs will take you!


CUDDLE UP. – Get the popcorn and snacks ready and plan a film festival of flicks that you and he will enjoy watching together.  Keep it fun and lively – comedies and action flicks are sure to send you into the New Year smiling.


START A NEW TRADITION.  Real intimacy involves is defined by the moments, jokes and activities that only the two of you share. You already know that you’ll be smooching it up at midnight, but think of something new you can do together – something special that you can do this New Year’s Eve, and for every New Year’s Eve to come.

So that’s my take sexy spin on Old Lang Syne!  Whatever your plans for the holiday, be sure to take time out to celebrate you.  Here’s a toast, from me to you:

May the beauty and the warmth of this season be with you and the ones you love…on New Year’s Eve and in all of the days to come!

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