When newcomer Hope Reiners’ Culture Swimwear line debuted at a lavish event at the Standard Hotel in Hollywood, Wiles Magazine was there. We fell in love with the ease and elegance of her line and we set out to chat with Hope to learn more about her sexy, substantive style.


It’s really no surprise that Hope Reiners grew up to be a swimwear fashion designer.  As she told us, in her native Nebraska, she fell in love with water at a very early age.


“We obviously don’t have an ocean in Nebraska,” Hope laughed. “But I was a swimmer and a lifeguard growing up.  I was constantly drawn to water, and I’m inspired by the vastness and the energy of the ocean.”


Hope soon cultivated that inspiration into a keen design sensibility and upon graduating from the Fashion Institute and graduate school, she ultimately began working for  L. A. Fashion Week producer Mikey Koffman.  In 2011, she began working on her debut collection.

“With this first collection, I wanted to create suits for all women.  A lot of women are uncomfortable in a bathing suit, so we created a lot one-piece suits. Along with the high-end design, the collection features strapless 1-piece suits that are tighter at the top and provide added support for busty women.


Fans of the Summer 2012 Culture Swimwear collection will appreciate the neutral tones offset by elaborate patterns, as well as design elements like crocheted backs on both the one and two-piece suits offering an added soft and sexy detail.


Hope’s work isn’t limited to designing beautiful swimwear.  She’s equally passionate about making a positive and lasting impression on the world, as is evidenced in her work with Keok ‘jay – an organization that works to create jobs and benefit women with HIV/AIDS in Cambodia.

Hope describes the “Culture” woman as one who is, much like Hope, very natural, conscious of the environment and her surroundings, yet is still fashion forward.  She is currently working on her 2013 collection slated to show at LA Fall Fashion Week in October and, following current colorful trends in fashion, she promises “a lot of neon.”


“The current Culture collection is more neutral and natural. For 2013, I’m mixing neon colors with more patterns and details.”



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