Designer Spotlight: Alexis Bellino’s Alexis by Tal Sheyn

Photo Courtesy of Tal Sheyn

Fans of reality television will recognize the statuesque Alexis Bellino from her role on the Bravo series “Real Housewives of Orange County.”  Fans may also recognize the designs from her clothing line Alexis by Tal Sheyn, as she regularly models her creations on the show.

Alexis and her designing partner Tal Sheyn recently turned heads with their affordable luxury women’s apparel line when it showed at Los Angeles Fashion Week. Wiles sat down to chat with these two designing women to find out more.

Alexis Bellino and Tal Sheyn have backgrounds that are literally worlds apart. Israeli native Tal Sheyn spent many years studying fashion design in Europe and initially enjoyed success in the industry as a celebrity make-up artist. In 2008, Tal opened her first fashion studio and designed gowns and cocktail dresses for celebrities attending the entertainment industry’s most exclusive and prestigious award shows and events. In 2010, Alexis and Tal met when she bought one of Tal’s tunics at a high-end boutique. Soon, Tal began designing signature pieces for Alexis on The Real Housewives of Orange County. Their partnership formed within months.

Photo Courtesy of Tal Sheyn

“Tal and I definitely have different tastes, but we’re also very similar,” Alexis shared. “One of us will sketch a design then Tal will create the piece.  After I add my own little touches, the finished product completely reflects both of our visions beautifully. “

When chatting with the two partners, it’s evident that their partnership works especially well because they are, in essence, each other’s muses.

“As a designer, I’m inspired by fabrics,” Tal told us. “I can visualize and create an entire collection in one day, because  I love fashion.  Alexis is a trendsetter, a fashionista, so she makes it easy to design for her and with her.”

Personal style, it seems, also plays a major role in the designing process.

“For my inspiration, I look for what I’m looking for at that moment. My design choices are very situation-based,” Alexis told us.  “We design what we want to wear each day.”

And while Alexis may be known for her glamorous style, this Missouri native remains squarely grounded and aware of the hardships that many women face when trying to balance fashion with a budget. Classic, affordable, wearable pieces that are on-trend are obvious attributes of the Alexis by Tal Sheyn brand.

Photo Courtesy of Tal Sheyn

“One of the things I love about our line is that the items can be worn easily from season to season.  A lot of the pieces are also extremely wearable from day to night, and you can change the entire look of the piece with simple accessories,” Alexis said.  “In today’s economy, that’s type of versatility in a garment is an important added value.”

While the brand has already grabbed the attention of buyers in the U.S., Canada, South America, Europe, Australia, and the UK, Alexis and Tal are working to make their brand as accessible as possible to women everywhere.

“I want women to go to the wardrobe and look for that perfect piece or dress that is their go-to dress,” Alexis said. “Between the fabric and the fit, I think we’ve mastered creating every woman’s favorite ‘go-to’ dress with our line.”

So what’s next for Alexis by Tal Sheyn?

In addition to shows at upcoming Fashion Week events in New York, Los Angeles and Europe, at least at some point, the brand may actually expand beyond women’s apparel.

“We’ve talked about doing a children’s clothing line in the future, but we’re really focused on our fall collection right now, “ Tal told us. “For fall the collection, expect more couture, more cocktail dresses,” Tal told us. “We’re working with designs that aren’t too complicated, and using a color palette made up of a lot of grey, black, and dark colors.”

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