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About the Women of Maria Elena Cuadra

As modern women, sometimes it’s easy to forget.  It’s easy to forget that in certain places in the world, workers’ rights and basic human rights don’t come without a fight.  It’s easy to forget that, in certain places in the world, the battle for those rights is still being waged.  This tribute to the women of the Maria Elena Cuadra Movement seeks to remind us that all over the world, there is much work that still needs to be done.


The Movement of Working and Unemployed Women called “Maria Elena Cuadra” was founded in May 1994, is a women’s movement, independent, broad, pluralistic, non-profit that promotes and ensures the inclusion and full participation and equal of women in Nicaraguan society, based on the universal principle of equality, freedom and social justice.  They seek to promote education and training for women, through social programs and provide comprehensive services that benefit women, children and family.

MEC works to actively promote improved social and economic status of women in vulnerable and poor areas by developing their management skills,  small business skills, providing work in non-traditional trades, increased awareness of their rights and duties, raising self-esteem and achievement of their empowerment.

The MEC promotes  dignity and the emancipation of women as fundamental principles, and assists women in their struggle for equality and the defense of their rights as individuals, and as workers.

Some of the specific objectives of the MEC include:
*Developing, monitoring and evaluating programs and projects that promote and have a positive impact in protecting and defending Human Rights, Labor Rights and Gender issues for women in Nicaragua.

*Eradicating the use of physical, psychological and verbal harassment and sexual blackmail against women in their workplace, family and society.

*Developing programs and projects that promote various forms of economic initiatives of survival, self-employment and self-management, designed to create jobs for women in social and economic risk.

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Directors: Sandra Ramos Lopez/Daysi Reyes Morales
Movimiento de Mujeres 
Trabajadoras y Desempleadas Maria Elena Cuadra
Semaforos Asamblea Nacional
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Phone: (505) 222-5393
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