Wiles on the Town at Gen Art’s Fresh Faces Designer Reception

During LA Fashion Week, Wiles took in the Gen Art fashion show hosted by Zoe Saldana where we enjoyed runway shows from Handsome, 71 Stanton, Funktional and other “Fresh Faces” in the design world.  And we’ve been proud Gen Art supporters ever since!

This past week, we were able to see the looks that caught our eye again at Gen Art’s Fresh Faces Designer Reception, held at the Andaz West Hollywood.  Set against the backdrop of a panoramic view of the city, Gen Art’s Fresh Faces Designer Reception is far more than your typical cocktail party. A fully immersive experience, the conceptual event actually recreates a live photo shoot of looks taken directly from the Gen Art Fresh Faces runway show.

As we exited the elevator onto the uppermost floor of the hotel, we were immediately struck by flashing bulbs and models striking poses.  Monitors positioned throughout the venue looped footage from the Fashion Week runway shows, and vanity stations where the models sat for hair and makeup in the far corner enhanced the behind-the-scenes of a fashion shoot feel.

This innovative take on a cocktail reception at once showcased the designers’ talents and engaged us with their work on a closer, more intimate level.

About Gen Art:  Gen Art is a national organization dedicated to showcasing and elevating emerging talent in film, fashion, music and visual arts. Gen Art hosts an array of signature events including the Gen Art Film Festival, Summer Screening Series, and Fresh Faces in Fashion. Gen Art has a 16-year history cultivating an extensive following of loyal consumers who view them as arbiters of emerging talent. With an expertise in experiential and event marketing that aligns brands with talent and entertainment industries, Gen Art creates dynamic integrations that ensure audience engagement is both immersive and organic – and never compromises the artist’s work or integrity.

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