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We’ve all done it.  We’ve had a hot date and we’ve stressed ourselves out, rifling through our closets because, even though we own a million pairs of jeans, shoes and flirty little tops, we can’t seem to find a thing to wear!  We put ourselves through ridiculous changes because want to look good and, of course, we want to impress that special guy with our style.  But are our attempts at vanity in vain?

In this month’s installment of “What He Wants,” resident relationship guru TRIPP lets us know what guys really notice about our clothes!

The peacock flashes its feathers. The tortoise stretches its necks as long as it can. These are some of the different attraction techniques that animals use to attract a mate.  Humans are no different. In the social jungle it’s crucial to wear something sexy in order to attract someone. Most women have a very keen fashion sense. Do men notice? Well, sometimes. Do we know if you’re wearing Louis Vuitton or Christian Louboutin? Not usually. But, there is always something about you that is catching our eye. Some pieces of clothing we pay attention to and others we don’t. Let me break it down:

Dresses: There’s so many options here but let me just put it into two categories: slutty and non-slutty. For men, color and flair don’t really catch our eye. It’s more about how much skin is showing. It may sound superficial, but it’s true. If you are wearing a dress that is super short and showing a lot of cleavage, we will most likely label you as a “slut” or “easy”. That doesn’t mean you are, but you could be labeled that way. If you are wearing something a little less showy then we will look at you more as a potential woman to date. So depending on what you want that night, you now know what to wear.

Shoes: We’re not really paying attention. But, heels will always make you look sexier, especially stilettos.

Swimwear: Bikinis, bikinis, bikinis. One of the slimmest pieces of clothing a woman can wear, that is socially acceptable. If you can make a bikini look good, you will turn heads.  Always.  If you are a little more self conscious of your weight, then a sarong is sexy too.  In a nutshell, we do notice what you wear when we’re at the beach. So make sure to wear something that looks good with your body type.

Casual Wear: There are a number of different types of outfits I could discuss. But, then, this article would go on way too long. Also, every man is attracted to different types. I can’t tell you that leggings and a tight t-shirt is hot, because the next guy might hate it. All I can say is this: own what you wear. In other words, be comfortable in your clothes; literally and figuratively. We want a woman that is confident in her actions and decisions, so whatever you put on, rock it!

Hair: See above. Every guy is different.

Makeup: Don’t wear too much, please. The more natural you appear the better. Men notice that you have heavy mascara, heavy foundation, and drawn in eyebrows. It won’t necessarily steer us away, but it won’t help your attractiveness. Use natural tones in your makeup and save the heavy stuff for a Vogue photo shoot. Remember, at the end of the day, we will see your true colors.

It’s not hard to impress a man with your fashion. Like I’ve said, there are a lot of stylistic choices that we don’t actually notice. No need to worry too much about what we think. Rock what you wear. Own it. We want a woman who can look cute and comfy as well as a woman who knows how to look sexy.




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