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By Tripp

We all look forward to the wonderful three-day weekend in September where we take off for Labor Day. We get a guilt-free day off from work to relax. But, we aren’t allowed to take off from our other daily work: our relationships. Sometimes you see two people in a loving relationship and wonder how it comes so easily. Well, it doesn’t. Those two are working hard to be that happy. I believe that there are a few essential ingredients to a successful relationship stew. You must have solid communication, trust, activities, and space. It’s a lot to work on, I know. But, if you can balance everything accordingly, you’re in for a wonderful time.

Let me dig deeper:

Communication: Talking to your partner is beyond important. If you both aren’t communicating your feelings it’s going to make the relationship tough to get through. Holding stuff in can cause people to blow up and may result in big fights. A good idea is to have “relationship report cards”. Every month or so go out to dinner and discuss some things that have been on your mind. Maybe something that bothered you or something your partner did, that you really liked. When you talk to your partner about your feelings you can conquer any differences and progress in your relationship. When in doubt, talk it out.

Trust: A big cause of breakups is cheating and dishonesty. When you don’t trust your partner you can’t grow with them. It’s bad when the only thing on your mind is “are they with another man/woman?” “Are they keeping something from me?” You won’t be able to have an enjoyable time with them if those are the only things on your mind. The best thing is to be honest and talk it out (see above).

Activities: It’s really easy to get into a routine. There’s nothing wrong with routines, except they have a tendency to be monotonous and lead to boredom. This can deteriorate a relationship. If you aren’t excited to be with your partner, then eventually it will end. To keep things exciting, it’s good to always have something to look forward to. Always have a planed trip, a date, or random, fun activity. Staying active will help you and your partner grow your relationship, find out new things about one another and possibly spark more love that you never knew you had.

Create Space: It’s important to be together, but it’s just as important to have your alone time. Spending every second together can cause a lot of fights. It’s easy to get on someone’s nerves when you know each other so well. That’s why having space or alone time every once in awhile is healthy. When you miss your partner it can cause your love for them to grow and you get to appreciate what you have with them. Go hang out with other friends or take time to go read or exercise. Remember what it’s like to be alone and be grateful that you have someone to come back to.

Seems like a lot of work huh? No, it’s not that bad. It all comes down to respect. If you truly respect your partner, you will communicate with them, be honest, enjoy their company and respect their space. Keeping meaningful relationships with friends and significant others takes time and effort. I see it as a part time job, with fantastic benefits.


[learn_more caption=”About The Expert” state=”open”] Tripp is a dating coach in Southern California. His interests are human psychology, communication and writing. In his free time, he produces and co-hosts a podcast called “Dudes Talking About Chicks,” where he discusses everyday dating and relationship issues. He is passionate about helping others help themselves through motivation and creating realistic goals.

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