What He Wants – August

Ladies, do you know the difference between being “hot” and being “hoochie?”  Do you drive yourself, your friends and anyone else who will listen crazy trying to figure out how to keep your man’s interest?  Well, if this sounds like you, or if you’re just curious about what a man really thinks is hot, then you need to take notes because Wiles Magazine’s relationship expert, Tripp, is about to run a clinic!

10 Ways to Turn Him On

By Tripp

It’s close to the end of the summer and a heat wave is among us. I thought it would be appropriate to talk about what’s hot. No, not the latest fashion trends. I’m talking about what turns people on, specifically what turns men on. So, I present to you the top 10 hottest ways a woman can turn on a man:

10 – Know how to relax.

It’s good to know you can put your job aside for a minute and have some fun. It’s a turn-on that you can separate your work and personal life. It shows control and balance.

9 – Keep a secret.

It feels good when we can confide in you. When we tell you something personal, it’s nice to know that you keep it to yourself. We don’t want your friends or family to know about our personal conversations.

8 – Have a cool hobby.

This goes along with passion. Beyond work, what else do you do in your free time? What else really gets you going?  It turns us on to see your different passions and we hope we can share them with you.

7 – Smell good.

Beyond your natural pheromones, it stirs up all kinds of nice feelings inside us when we take a whiff of your lovely scent. There doesn’t need to be an overload of perfume, but even a nice oil can really get our hearts beating.

6 – Have friends.

If we’re the only person you know, it’s very unattractive. It’s nice to know you have your own group of friends. Then we can both go our separate ways once in awhile. Absence makes the heart grow fonder.

5 – Take care of yourself.

When you do all your grooming, it does not go unnoticed. We like when you are in shape, pluck the unwanted hairs and put on makeup (not too much!). You love to do it and we like to see it.

4 – Have a sense of humor.

We like it when you know how to take a joke. When women take life too seriously it can be a major turn-off. We like to laugh with you and enjoy the crazy moments.

3 – Be open-minded.

What happens when I bring up skydiving or watching a French new wave film? Are you scared because it’s out of the ordinary or does it peak your interest? It excites men to know that you can explore some new adventures. It will create great memories and fun stories.


2 – Be a good kisser.

What else can I say here? Kissing is the activity that gets the hot and heavy going. If we’re going to be kissing a lot, we hope you’re good. Major. Turn. On.

1 – Act like you like it.

In and outside of the bedroom, we get really turned on when you act like you like it. If you’re going south of the border, don’t act like it’s a chore. That is the quickest way to turn us off. Also, if we’re watching our sports game, don’t put it down. Ask us questions. Show interest. Act like you like it. It’s easy!

[learn_more caption=”About The Expert” state=”open”] Tripp is a dating coach in Southern California. His interests are human psychology, communication and writing. In his free time, he produces and co-hosts a podcast called “Dudes Talking About Chicks,” where he discusses everyday dating and relationship issues. He is passionate about helping others help themselves through motivation and creating realistic goals.

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