Oakland, CA native Brely Evans knows how to get noticed.  A former member of a 3-girl singing group discovered by Dres from Black Sheep, Brely moved to Los Angeles, initially to pursue a career in music.  Shortly after her arrival, she began writing songs and singing back-up for other established artists.  But it wasn’t long before her natural presence and talent as an actress became apparent.  A friend quickly took Brely to meet his agent, and after only ten auditions, Brely landed a starring role in the fan favorite, “honey, does my butt look big?” Twix commercial.


“I didn’t know much about the industry or what was expected of me, so I just went into auditions and winged it,” she told us. “Being so green helped because my honesty and quirkiness worked to my advantage.”


Over the past 4 years, Brely’s Twix commercial has garnered over 300,000 hits on the internet.  After appearing in a host of other commercials and films that went straight to DVD, Brely landed her breakout role in the Fox Searchlight 2010 romantic comedy Just Wright starring Queen Latifah and Common.


“Working with Queen Latifah was amazing.  I call her my “Big Sis.” She was very warm and embraced me.” Originally cast in a minor role, Brely again allowed her bubbly charm and vivaciousness to shine through – which ultimately led to bigger and better things.


“[Director] Sanaa Hamri allowed us to improvise on set, and so I made sure I let every ounce of Brely show.  They loved what I brought to the table, and in the end, my one-line bit as “Co-Worker #1” was expanded into a solid supporting role.”



After being spotted in an acting class by husband and wife filmmaking duo Salim and Mara Brock Akil, Brely was cast as Tune Anne in the highly anticipated remake of the classic film Sparkle.  The film chronicles the story of three sisters who have a dream to make it in the music business and are determined to do everything to make their dreams come true.


“My character is Tune Ann –the best friend of Jordin Sparks who plays “Sparkle.” Jordin was a total veteran on set and we were all very impressed with her skills as an actress.”


Brely also gushed when asked about working with industry icons like Whitney Houston and veteran producer Debra Martin Chase. “There were so many times that I sat there thinking to myself, ‘I can’t believe I’m in the room with legends.  I’m actually singing with Whitney Houston!”


Rounding out the rest of the cast are actors Carmen Ejogo in the pivotal role of “Sister,” comedian Mike Epps and Derek Luke. In addition to a stellar cast and production team, Brely promises that the Sparkle soundtrack – penned in part by impresario R. Kelly – will blow fans away.


Sparkle is slated for release in 2012, but you can catch Brely in the film He’s Mine, Not Yours with Jason Weaver, slated to air on BET this month. And to keep up with all of the latest Brely Evans news, please follow her on Twitter: @brelyevans

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