Socialite Spotlight: Melky Jean

Melky Jean, Entertainer, Entrepreneur and Humanitarian

Wiles Magazine “Socialite Spotlight” this week is on Melky Jean. Melky is a Grammy nominated singer, songwriter, composer and happens to be the younger sister of Fugees founder Wyclef Jean.  Melky’s distinct vocals can be found on artists like Carlos Santana’s album “The Shaman.” She has also contributed songs to soundtracks like ”Love Jones” (their breakout single ”I’ve Got a Love”), ”The Hurricane” (”Still I Rise”), and she is the voice of Sanaa Lathan in HBO’s hit “Disappearing Acts” where she landed on of her biggest hits (“Brooklyn”) a heart felt ballad.

She has written for Sinead O’Connor and Regina Belle. Although her first album fell victim to a Universal merger, it was critically acclaimed by Rolling Stones magazine naming her one of the best underground acts. Magazines Marie Claire, Vibe, have critically acclaimed her and even Cosmopolitan went as far as comparing her to a young Gladys Knight.

Melky Jean and Patti LaBelle

As a performer Melky has opened up for groups like the Roots, Black Eyed Peas, Outkast, and has shared the stage with powerhouses like the incomparable Patti LaBelle. Her press coverage contains more than 100 magazine publications from around the world. Given her extensive musical and performing career, she has still made time to give forward. Her most gratifying accomplishment to date is an organization she has founded and serves as the chair of The Carma Foundation.

(L-R) Melky with brother and Haiti Presidential Candidate Wyclef Jean and CNN Anchor Anderson Cooper

Her own personal successes as a recording artist have enabled her to engage other entertainment personalities to lend their celebrity to contribute to the lives of Haitian women and children. In 2009 the city of Miami celebrated Melky by naming a day in her Honor for her artistic achievement and philanthropic works.  In March 2010, Melky was honored for her humanitarian efforts through her work with the Carma Foundation by the City of New York Parks and Recreations Department, in conjunction with LOTUS Music & Dance.

The mission of Carma is to measurably improve the health of poor and vulnerable women and children in Haiti. Carma effectively utilizes media and pop culture to create a platform of awareness, dialogue, and then action. Carma, an urban spin on karma, embodies the belief of cause and effect behavior or practices to affect the lives of others. It is with this belief that Carma mobilizes others to not only care, but to become involved. Since its inception in 2007, Carma has already impacted the lives of tens of thousands of Haitian women and children and plans to extend its reach to the millions of Haitian citizens.

Melky served as an executive producer to a “Care for Haiti” music project featuring many international artists like Angelique Kidjo, Sean Paul, KRS1, Talib Kweli, Brooke Hogan and a duet with her brother Wyclef Jean.  100% of the proceeds of the album will go to the CARE organization, Carma Foundation and her brother’s Yele Haiti foundation.

Visit to learn more about Melky and her work in Haiti.


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