Socialite Spotlight: Daina Falk

Daina Falk is expert of food—both eating it and cooking it.  A skilled cook and nutrition aficionado, she also enjoys the occasional indulgence, particularly when it comes to learning about cultures through their cuisine.   Daina is currently launching her own brand called The Hungry Fan and a television show of the same name in which she will travel to major international sporting events and highlight sport culture, history, and the food and drink associated with the fan experience.


A passion for sports was in Daina Falk’s blood from birth.  She grew up at sporting events and around professional athletes, who were clients of her father, David Falk, a pioneer of the sports agent industry (think Jerry Maguire).  She took this passion to Duke University, where she played on the Women’s Club Tennis team and was a devoted Cameron Crazy.

While at Duke, Daina pursued two other passions of hers—art and food.  Spending a year abroad, Daina lived in Florence and Paris and studied the arts—both fine and culinary.  Fully immersing herself in the European cultures, she shopped daily at the local markets for fresh ingredients and experienced feeling far healthier than she ever had.  Returning to the United States, Daina studied nutrition, learning the science of eating quality, healthy, and fresh foods and their effects on the body.

After graduating from Duke in 2005, Daina was set to move to Los Angeles to work for a prominent Beverly Hills talent agency when she was involved in a car accident.  She moved anyway and learned the business of Hollywood (a real life Entourage experience) while simultaneously taking on a rigorous physical therapy regimen.  It was, in fact, the experience of recovering from her accident, rather than her day job, that changed her life.  Daina ultimately decided to focus her energy on what she loved—sports, food and travel.

Surrounded by the farmers market culture of Los Angeles that celebrates organic eating, supported by her expertise of nutrition, and as a direct result of her physical therapy, Daina shed sixty pounds over the course of a few years.  Today, Daina finds herself in the best shape of her life and the most confident she has ever been.  Having permanently adopted a healthy lifestyle, Daina helps others on their own paths to a better, more fulfilling life.  She designs custom menus for weight loss for friends, family, and those who come to her to improve their diet.

Daina is currently working on a cookbook of recipes collected from her international travels, her experiences in Italy and France, and from her circle of fabulously foreign friends and their families.  Daina’s cookbook will mark her second foray into publishing, having already released Photos from Around the World, a coffee table book of her international travel photography featured in the 2009 New York Review of Books.  Her work was showcased at the 2010 Bologna Book Fair and the 2010 Frankfurt International Book Fair.  Daina’s photography as well as her original paintings have also been exhibited in several prominent galleries across the United States.

When she’s not cooking, exercising, watching sports, traveling, painting, or taking photos, Daina splits her time between New York and Los Angeles, fundraising for various charities as well as developing nonprofit campaigns.

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